Monday, March 19, 2007

Four Question Redux

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I am not a fan of protests. When I was younger, I used to be among the crowds, but the people remained the same, and the smells of those self-same activists began to rise as well. My feeling is this, why protest when you can be in the room writing the language of the bill to be voted on?

Now that the protests are done, and since we are near Passover, I have another Four Questions to ask. (If you wish to answer the originals, please do so). My only rule here is, be a member of the Democratic Party and be civil, beyond that, please enlighten me:

1) If using the military is "bad", what is the purpose of the military in a modern Nation-state?

2) Why do protestors insist on defaming Federal prpoerty every time they are in Washington, DC?

3) In 1941, America was attacked by Japan, but our first military attack in World war II was in North Africa against the Germans who didn't attack us. Shouldn't FDR have been impeached for lying?

4) Since America is already in Iraq, what will be the fifty year consequence of pulling out of Iraq? Will Al-Queda, hamas, and Hezbollah leave the United States and Israel alone? Remember Iran and Syria in the equation.

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