Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why Wilshire Blvd and Ventura Blvd will Bring CA back to the GOP

It seems while I was away at Sacramento,  Blogging the convention, a debate began in the Right Blogosphere:
To Fight or not to Fight in Los Angeles?
This is from The Other McCain and this is from Little Miss Attila.
And to quote Jules Winfield of Pulp Fiction, allow me to retort:
Between Wilshire Blvd and Ventura Blvd is the second biggest media market in the US; The biggest media market has a larger City Council and Republicans from the Outer Boroughs. 
Even if we own all the Outer Counties and San Diego, California will not flip. Here is an equation every Presidential and Congressional leader needs to study if they want to win the 55 Electoral Votes and a majority in their chamber:
(From 2007)
37 Counties + San Diego + Los Angeles = Republican State.

It will take at least two decades to win outside the Bay Area, because culturally and electorally, it would be hard to crack.  But if the fight is in Los Angeles, then the numbers change.

We already own the Antelope Valley above the 14 freeway; The San Fernando valleys and San Gabriels have a network of activists that are both tea party and Organizational.  Use them.  Also make sure they put stuff on the ballot to change the direction of the City.  Owning the ground is half the battle.

Mathematically, there is no where else to gain more voters. 

If you want to win California, LA or bust, baby!

And how to take the city in five easy steps?

1)  Think like Artists -- the town is populated by them!

2)  Social Libertarianism is the key to the city;

3)  Reach out to Locals who know their corner of the city -- convince them;

4)   The City is run top to bottom by Democrats -- how many empty storefronts are on the main streets?  Count them and use those numbers in the next elections.

5) And to quote Leonidas in 300: "Give them nothing!...But take from them Everything,"  Fight for every corner of the City from Venice Boardwalk to East LA.  We have a large amount of voters here, let's get them ready for 2012!

My question for Little Miss Attila and RS:  If you give up on Los Angeles (and/or California), how do you propose to win 2012 without either?
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