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On this Past Ides of March, the Wisconsin Riots Shudder through the Republic

If I could live in any time in history, it would be the from the Death of the Gracci's to Augustus' rise in Ancient Rome.  One of my cool (and beautiful) friends in the Goth scene is knowledgeable and she enjoys studying Ancient Egypt. I think that's why we get along so well :} 

Since we are just past the Ides of March, let us see how a Republic slowly dies:

However, I don't need a TARDIS to see history repeat. 

Here is how I see what happened:

November 2010: Gov. Scott Walker and a majority of Republicans win in WI State Assembly and State Senate

Feb 14, 2011:  A Budget Repair Bill proposed by Gov. Walker shutting off collected bargaining from State Level Employee Unions goes through the Statehouse

Feb 2011 - Mar 2011: The Minority State Senate Democrats ("The Fleebagger 14")  run from WI to IL instead of voting on the measure.  Riots ensue in the WI State Capitol; Teachers and kids, Union members from other states harass State lawmakers and issue death threats.

Mar 9 - 10, 2011: The WI Senate GOP members separate the funding out of the Bill and vote on ending Collective Bargaining for Unions; The next day, the State Assembly follows suit.  Governor Walker signs the bill passed by the State Legislature.

Now during the protests, the Mob kept chanting, "This is what Democracy looks like!" 

Um, no it doesn't

Democracy occurred in the Election and the Legislators who voted, not in the mob who took over the State Capitol.

As I have said many times before, History repeats in American Political life, but what does not repeat is how Democrats and their allies cannot handle being on the losing side.

How many times have the Democrats whinged about Election 2000 Overtime?
How many times did the GOP complain about disparities in Election 1960?

Now, where does history repeat here?

During the 90's the Clinton Administration went after the cigarette companies.  Did they do it for the health reasons? NO  Did they propose that cigarette smoking is bad, but let business' choose their own path? NO (Just in case anyone thought that Democrats cared about peoples "Freedom,"  Another myth bites the dust)

It was all about how the cigarette companies funded the National  GOP.  Now, after Election 2010 where Democrats lost seats statewide in Wisconsin and nationally in Congress, to see History repeat (again over funding) is funny and scary as hell.

The Mob rule was one of the signs of the Republic Falling (at least a decade before Caesar's assassination).  And I quote Rubicon, by Tom Holland:

"Of course, Clodius being Clodius, he could not resist seeing just how far the intimidation could be pushed. In August [59 BC], as Pompey was crossing the Forum to attend a meeting of the Senate, a clattering of stone on metal rang out from the Temple of Castor. One of Clodius' slaves reportedly dropped a dagger. Pompey, believing his life to be in danger, at once retreated from the Forum and barricaded behind his front door.  Clodius' gangs pursued him and set up camp outside.  The Tribune [Clodius] threatened to do to Pompey what he had already done to Cicero: seize his mansion, level it and build a temple to Liberty in its place.  Pompey, unlike Cicero, did not bolt and run, but he found himself blockaded, unable to leave his house -- a staggering reversal for the greatest man in the Republic....For was an intoxicating, scarcely believable moment of triumph.  Champion of the aristocracy, patron of the slums, he appeared to be the master of Rome,"

-- Rubicon, Tom Holland, Pg. 244

In America, Political Power comes from the Provinces.  As a provincial myself, I understand this.  The Tea party started out protesting the spending in local hometowns, and then get down to electing candidates to Congress for the last election.

The last time Democrats ran across State lines was in Texas against voting for Re-districting.  The next cycle, the Democrats LOST

Why?  In America, you stand and fight for your beliefs, not use a loophole to cause trouble. The GOP was legitimate in using it's loophole after the Democrats absconded for almost a month.  Goose and gander, Valley people, pot and kettle too.

These protests are the beginning of the end of the American Republic.

Follow me down to "What if?" territory:

Imagine in 2013, President Palin and a majority Republican Congress follow the same route the WI Republicans take.  Will the AFL-CIO, SEIU and AFSCME destroy the Capitol and the White House to prove a point?

Hell, Lefty protesters already go to the homes of those they Hate!  What's the next level?

Or as I have been asking: What is the protesters endgame?  Is it to destroy the concept of voting or is it to exterminate any opposition to any Leftist (not Liberal) view?

My question: Who is the modern Democratic Party Clodius?

UPDATE 8:50PM PST: Welcome Instapundit readers! Please make yourselves at home in the Valley.  This weekend I will be reporting (and voting) at the CAGOP Convention in Sacramento.  Remember: Power lies within the provinces!

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  1. Actually I've had a number of things to say about this phenomena over the years.

    Such as this:

  2. Oh! Here's another one from July of 2009:

    And another from June of the same year:

  3. "What is the protesters endgame? Is it to destroy the concept of voting or is it to exterminate any opposition to any Leftist (not Liberal) view?"

    Both, actually.

  4. To the parasite having power over the productive population is a moral necessity.

    For the parasite POWER IS LIFE!

    Anything that deprives them of power has to b e stopped at all costs.

    This situation is going to get a lot uglier.

  5. Anonymous11:00 PM PDT

    will they burn down the capitol? Of course not> The American republic is not the roman one, it does not allow that kind of violence. These degenerates will do as much as they can get away with, which is not much by Roman standards.

    It's always interesting to look at how other republics fell, broadly the principles are the same and help us understand the present, but the kind of shenanigans the Romans got up to are not possible in America and won't be unless the country undergoes a major collapse leading to mob rule and the rise of a strong man. Such a collapse might be caused by the bill coming due on the U.S's colossal debt, the trillions of unfunded entitlement programs etc, but I doubt it. In the end America is much larger and more politically robust than the ignorant and violent Romans, they were, in the end, barbarians after all.

  6. Bigfingo2:36 AM PDT

    I'm of a mind that this is indeed a different place than ancient Rome. We the People are an ornery bunch when aroused and these goons are nothing but bullies, something we, as a people abhor. Ask Saddam, the Germans, or the Japanese what happens when you finally piss us off. The unions have become the 'enemy within' and will get theirs and it WILL be ugly. To quote our benighted leader, we will “Hit Back Twice As Hard”.

  7. They are absolutely right.


    Democracy is mob rule. This is why the United States is NOT a democracy. The United States is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC! They are not the same thing. Not by a long shot.

    We must re-educate a new generation of young people that we do NOT live in a democracy. We live in a Constitutional Republic with democratic elections. Otherwise we will lose the country.

    Fighting against mob-rule "democracy" is just as important as fighting against socialism.

  8. Anonymous 11:00: I think one huge factor in bringing down the Roman Republic was how its leaders resorted to increasingly extralegal means to hold onto power. It started with parliamentary tricks, but when that wasn't enough there were death sentences, and when death sentences weren't available then it was murders.

    It may start with protests, but you can be certain it won't end with protests. Unions have a history of violence, even in our beloved and unprecedentedly peaceful America. I think our Republic has less than 100 years remaining to it.

  9. When I studied Roman history Rome was not a republic when Caesar became dictator for life in 44 BC. Caesar's assassination was certainly not how a republic dies, though it might be how a hereditary empire was born. Lifetime appointment to government power is how republics die imo - can you say Teddy Kennedy or maybe Robert Byrd?

  10. Anonymous11:04 AM PDT

    Pls. note the Union march on a private home was in Maryland, a state with strict gun control. The goons knew the odds were in their favor. I doubt they would have tried the same act in Virginia.


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