Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Valley News Network: Central Valley Blues

On the air from the City of Angels, to Sacramento to the World Wide Web!

Remember dear readers, you heard it here first: off the record, on the QT, and very Hush-Hush

First, let us meet the Delta Smelt:

Now that one little fish is drying up the Central Valley (courtasy of the EPA).  Not only is drying up the Central valley, it means food prices in California goes up (I'm a city kid and I know that food  does not come from the supermarket).

And within the Central Valley? 25% or thereabouts unemployment.

Here is a tune to watch the pictures by, Heartland by U2;

"Through the ghost-ranch hills,
Death Valley waters,
In the towers of steel,
Belief goes on and on,

"In this Heartland,
In this Heartland soil,
In this Heartland,
Everyone knows this is a heartland,"

-- U2, Heartland, Rattle and Hum
Come and see as I saw:

The sign says "Stop the Boxer Pelosi Dust Bowl"

Senator Feinstein wants to open the water to the Central Valley; Senator Boxer does not.  And here I praise Feinstein for doing the right thing, but Senator Boxer is in charge of the Senate Environmental Committee.  Only she or President Obama can overturn the EPA's ruling.

If you hate Conservatives, Republicans and Tea Partiers, ask yourself is 25% unemployment is worth the life of one fish?  Or are people expendable? 

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