Saturday, March 19, 2011

VNN: Los Angeles County Votes for its Reigonal Chair!

Valley News Network live from Sacramento and everywhere! Tune in, Turn on, and Turn out!

Remember dear readers, you heard it here first: off the record, on the QT, and very Hush-Hush.

As a partisan and a delegate (and a Blogger who needs free food), I started the morning at the Adam Abrahms Breakfast.  As I wrote before, he represented the future.  Good morning and good snacks. 
This was the power table I sat at.  
Then we went to the meeting room (where there was NO Internet access [BOO!]).
Meets and greets and prepping to vote.
Just a portion of the crowd at RPLAC.  Los Angeles County has the most delegates in all of California, 200 +.  Anyone who understand California Politics, understands that to win the State, you have to win over this crowd of voters.  And they in turn will get out their neighbors and friends. 

In the end, it was a fight between the future and the past. 

Linda Boyd ran on the theme of "experience,"  Unfortunately, the RPLAC Delegates remember the debacle of Mayor Hahn's re-election debacle (re-cited in the California Encyclicals).

Adam Abahms brought his professionalism and power of unifying to YR groups (Kudos to Ashley Nicole Ingrahm). He argued about making Los Angeles a Battleground. 

And in the end, the vote was:

Abrahms  83
Boyd       72

The future won.

And that ends this edition of VNN.

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Over and out!
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