Saturday, March 12, 2011

Doctor Who -- Horror of Fang Rock (Repeat)

It's the weekend, so time for a new (old) episode of Doctor Who!

Earlier in the Valley, this was the first episode I put up.  Now, as the cycle continues, we return to the Horror of Fang Rock I've always enjoyed stories by the sea (i.e. John Carpenter's The Fog), but this one is a touch of Agatha Christie and science fiction.  And it was my FIRST Doctor Who story I ever saw. 

In other news, I am trying to get a leg up for the CAGOP Spring Convention Do I have a ride? or a place to stay? Not yet, but if you want to help a Delegate and new media, please email me here.  I will post on two of the candidates I support somewhere between Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.  Get ready!

As a delegate, I might actually get wined and dined for my vote.  As media, I can interview other media and other delegates.  If you have something (or someone) to promote next week, get my ear and feed me!

Now, pull up a blanket, tuck yourself in and watch The Horror of Fang Rock! 

(if you want to find me tonight, I will be at Pop tArt and Ruin -- talk to me at either place)

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