Thursday, March 10, 2011

RPLAC March Meeting

As the ONLY Conservative Republican (with a Social Libertarian streak) Jewish Goth Blogger activist, I will now commence part of my active duty of Live-Blogging RPLAC's March Meeting.
Before we begin, a song:

Don Henley, Sunset Grill

And as an activist within LA County (42nd AD, SFVRC and the Blogosphere), I begin......NOW!

7:00 JB asking RPLAC to come to order

7:05 JB talks of Lydia Gutierrez Run-off (Support her!)

7:06 - 7:10 In House work (Only if you are at the meeting will you get the info)

7:10 - 7:15 Hugh Hemington shows the new Voter Precinct software.

7:16 - 7:20 : Chairman Jane Barnett's report on all the special elections.  (GO LYDIA!)

7:21  Info on Lawsuit against RPLAC (backed by Paulbots and Democrats)

7:22: The false mailer scandal done by Democrats in the last election.  (Robert McCain, a story is knocking on your door!)

7:23 36 CD Special Election. Everyone in the room will get a precinct. (Will be a theme on the Blog)

7:26  Ronald Reagan Dinner (If you want to go, call RPLAC)

7:26 - 55 Committees Info [If you live in the City of Angeles, join RPLAC and get involved!] -- I'm on the Communication Committee, and here I am! (Yes, a meta reference).  No, I will not give away trade secrets here.  :}

7:54 JB reads Bylaws regarding Censue (RE: Lawsuit)

7:55 - 8:00 JB discusses appointments (all good ones!)

(7:58 I said "Hello!" to Chairman Ron Nehring.  He said "He won't be a stranger from this point,")

8:00 - 8:14 Internal matters

8:15 Mtg Adjournment, now TOWN HALL begins. (All RN)

8:15 Ron Nehring speaks: Prop 14 issues, 2010 problems, CAGOP Convention issues, (CAGOP will not borrow $3M ever again -- no debt w/o repayment and 5M reserve)


8:28 Talking about dealing Prop. 14.  Labor Union spending funds in GOP districts due to Prop. 14

8:30 -9:00 Q and A period


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