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For the CRP Convention: Endorsing Tom Del Beccaro, Regional Chair Adam Abrahms and Prop. 14 Ideas

I am going up on Friday (thanks!)  to the CRP Convention -- Robert McCain cannot :{
This post is about California and Los Angeles Republican Party politics, so for now, those not involved in the Convention or Republican California Politics, please follow the next two videos:


And this one:

Ferris Bueller Day's Off Ending

Now then, let us talk among ourselves, we Republicans in the Southland and in California. 

Tom del Beccaro for CRP Chair

My first endorsement is for Chairman of the California Republican Party and there is only one name in the mix: Tom Del Beccaro.

If you vote on Sunday, this is the man to vote for.

There are a couple of things that make me excited to vote for Tom:

1) His vision as he writes here:

As the CRP Chair, Tom will continue to work on the 4 Ms of Party Politics - Message, Marketing, Motivation & Money.

Message & Marketing:

The California Republican Party will become ascendant once again when it champions a clear Message of limited government. Working with the Republican Legislators, Donors and Volunteers, Tom will work to use limited government issues to attract Californians to the Republican Party. Tom will also work on revolutionizing the manner in which the Republican Party markets its ideas through the Internet, Talk Radio and the mediums friendly to our cause.


The CRP never works so well as when the Legislators, Donors and Volunteers are all pulling in the same direction. The Volunteers of the CRP are critical to its future success. Tom has made over 500 appearances around the state over the last 7 years along with hundreds of radio and television appearances- not to mention his many writings. Tom will continue those efforts as well develop innovative programs and volunteers drives to build the ranks of the CRP and expand our Get-Out-The-Vote efforts.


Like it or not, money plays an ever more important role in modern politics. Tom will continue to work develop independent funding programs for the CRP so that the CRP can not only stand on its own but project its own image in California politics.

2)  And this is from the great Sue Abato. If she is on your campaign, you have a professional of White House stature (plus she can beat you up with one hand -- I've seen it happen /joke)

"Tom del Beccaro is the man we need to lead the California Republican [Party] into the second decade of the 21st century. He inclusive of all Republicans. I think what I admire most about Tom is that he listens and remembers. I am a breast cancer survivor who has had some reoccurences along the way. Tom, always goes out of his way to find out about my health or inquire about my health.

"Watch Tom, he will boldly lead the California Republican Party where no one dared or dreamed to take it."

LA Regional Chair Adam Abrahms

Now we go to the other race I'm following, the LA Reigonal Chair.  The Valley strongly endorses Adam Abrahms for that position.

His opposition is someone from the past of RPLAC, here is a story that gives an example of how LA Republicans can look towards the future with pride:

"In 433 BC, just before the Peloponisian war, the island of [Corfu] and the Greek City-state of Conrith stood on the brink of conflict. Both parties sent Ambassadors to Athens to win them over to their side. The stakes were high and whomever had Athens was sure to win the war....

"[Corfu] spoke first. It's ambassador began...the only thing [Corfu] could offer was an alliance of mutual interests. [Corfu] had a navy only surpassed in size and strength by Athens' own; an alliance between the two states would create a formidable force, one that could intimidate the rival state of Sparta.  That was all [Corfu] could offer.

"The representative from Corinth then gave a brilliant, passionate speech...He talked of everything that Corinth had done in the past.  ...He finally went on to list the many services Corinth had performed for Athens, and the importance of showing gratitude to one's friends.

" After the speech,, the Athenians debated in the Assembly.  On the second round, they voted to support [Corfu] and drop Corinth,"

-- The 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene, Pgs 97-8

Mr. Abrams is Corfu, and having been a leader with the California Republican Lawyers Assn, he helped Chairwoman Barnett over the lawsuit.  Having legal representation on your side during an election is the strongest navy RPLAC can have.  I've seen people from the opposition's endorsement list who have helped Mr. Abrahms. 

The past is the past, let it go.

And here is an outtake from an email from Former Assemblywoman Paula Boland:

"As a three term Los Angeles area Assemblywoman I care deeply about LA and our future.  I am so pleased to support Adam Abrahms because I know his commitment to our Party, including his quest for unity and his support of Jane Barnett, and a strong County Party.  I have known and worked with Adam for over 15 years and view him as the future of our Party.  He is bright, talented and full of integrity

"Supporting Chairman Jane Barnett-- Adam has continually supported RPLAC and our county chair Jane Barnett. Adam and the California Republican Lawyers Association were the first group to come to Jane's aid when Adam wrote a pro bono legal opinion against those challenging Jane's election and the legitimate RPLAC board....Adam faithfully served as sergeant of arms and several members of his campaign team worked diligently to help re-elect Jane at December's RPLAC organizational meeting.

"Unity--  Adam's commitment to unity has proven results.  He recently brought together the two divided state Young Republican organizations who had been bitterly opposed to one another for two decades...Adam's skill for brining us together can also be seen in the fact that he has supporters from all spectrums of our party. ...

"I encourage you all to look at Adam's playbook for Los Angeles. In order to move forward and begin to win seats in the county once again, we need new leadership like Adam, with the vision and energy to put us back on track." 

 Prop 14 Changes

There are a few plans  to vote on dealing with Prop. 14.  Here is what I want to vote on.  If anyone wants use these as a guidelines to vote on, please let me know.

A)   Assembly District members can decide how to handle Primary races -- at least before anyone enters a race, all local candidates should submit to a private Q & A in front of the AD's;

B)   Elected officials have the clout as Assembly District Members.  We are not democrats giving an elite veto power over the public.  But the Elected official must co-ordinate with the AD;

C)  Veto Power over candidate races should be held by the assembled Republican voters during a caucus.  The AD can cite pros and cons for each candidate.  Every member can cite who endorsed whom, but no GOP (local) candidate goes forward without meeting the voters.  

D)  During every primary, from City Council to President, Republicans caucus in their home AD.  The Chair of the AD decides the place (the time is Primary day).

And finally,

E) At every CAGOP Convention, candidate for GOP positions must be there or the AD's are allowed to veto that candidate for the current race.

That's it.  I will be both media and delegate up in Sac! 

See you there!

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