Saturday, March 19, 2011

VNN: Stuff from the CRP Convo

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Remember dear readers, you heard it here first: off the record, on the QT, and very Hush-Hush
Here are some pics I took and some notes:
Against the McCarthy Plan and RINOs
Silly Protesters! California is broke and no tax base!  Governor Brown and Democrats run this town.  Or, in short: NOT SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER.

Sitting next to a pretty girl from Sacramento at the General Meeting.  (Face it, coming to the CAGOP and RPLAC meetings means you get to meet a lot of pretty California Girls)

And let's end it with a song:

Beach Boys, California Girls

Just got from a presser with Governor (and former RNC Chair) Haley Barbour. 

My question to him: Whether you are or are not the POTUS nominee, will you invest or get the National party to invest in flipping Los Angeles?

Gov. Barbour: I heard that advice before, and it was great advice.  I hope to support flipping Los Angeles in 2012.

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