Friday, March 25, 2011

"We're Not Gonna Protest! We're Not Gonna Protest!"

That is from a cool movie called PCU starring Jeremy Piven. 

It was a movie that went against all the Liberal tropes of fun killers (some of these people can be found on the Los Angeles City Council today). 

I bring up this reaction because that hobgoblin of consistency has reared it's ugly head. 

During the last Administration, there were protests upon protests of America's War of bringing democracy to Iraq. 

But How did President Bush fils "Rush to war?"

President Bush went to Congress first (to follow up on a law passed in 1998 under President Clinton);

He went to the United Nations twice;

And he built up a long list of allies before any troops hit the ground in Iraq 

Now let's follow up on President Obama's timeline for Libya:
After Secretary Clinton, Ambassador Powers and  Ambassador Rice argue for air strikes in Libya;

After the United nations authorizes a No-fly Zone in Libya;

And finally a smaller number of allies the under President Bush!

Is President Obama against dictators? That's not his foreign policy script.

Why didn't President Obama go before Congress regarding the War Powers act?  Even President Bush won over his own Legislature before going in.

And finally, where are the protests for this "Illegal war for Oil?"

(gas is rising due to the chaos in the Middle East, and we're going to war for cheap oil! Take that Libs!)

All together now!

"We're not gonna protest! We're not gonna Protest! Obama is a tool!"

My question: was the Left lying during the last Administration or this one?

**Please note I used to subscribe to "Politics stops at the waters edge," But the modern Left did not, so I learned to adapt.  Democrats, have a consistent foreign policy next time .
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