Monday, March 28, 2011

Why Donald Trump's Presidential campaign will close Friday (4/1)

I'm a former New Yorker.  I'm also a big fan of New York City Politics.
In the same breath that I praise Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R-NY), I can praise Mayor Koch (D-NY).  We New Yorkers are larger then life, we think big, we dream big, we make big footsteps in the world.
Heck, look at my High School Alumni (Forest Hills High School):
The Ramones ( 1974 +)
Burt Bacharach (1946)
Jacob Lew (1972)  -- OMB Chair during Clinton Administration
and, of course,
This year I am writing a book on how the GOP can get 55 Electoral votes from the West Coast (and especially the City of Angels -- just discussed with Robert McCain).  We New Yorkers, current and former, we dream BIG.
Now, why do I think Donald Trump (whom I think is a great businessman and New Yorker) is pulling every one's leg?  .  
As I always say, "The past is precedence," 
Thanks to the Huffington Post Fundrace, I can look back at Mr. Trump's contributions back to 2004. 
Let's look:
In 2010, Donald trump donated $2,000 to Rep. Wiener (D- Forest Hills) and another $2,000 to Senatior Chuck Schumer (D-Brooklyn); [Democrats]
In 2010, Trump donated $1,000 for Senator Coburn (R-OK) and $500 for Rep. Chris Lee (R-NJ). [Republicans]
In 2009,  $2,400 for Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), $2,000 for Bill Nelson, $4,000 for Senator Schumer (D-Brooklyn),  $1,000 for Rep Maloney (D-NY), [Democrats];
In 2008, $25,000 for the DSCC, $4,400 for Senator Schumer (D-Brooklyn),, this is just a small prtion.
For the GOP, Trump donated $10,000 to the NRSC, $2,300 for Senator McCain (post Presidential Primary), and $2,300 for Mayor Guliani (during the Presidential Primary).
And let's roll back to 2004, $2,000 for President Bush, and $2,000 for Senator Kerry.
In the mix of all these donations, has The Donald tried to change New York to be more friendly to Tea Partiers, Conservatives or Republicans?  NO.
If he wants to invest in changing a political structure, I can give him a few organizations here in the Southland.
Until then, The Donald is playing everyone. 
Presidential candidates usually spend time, energy and funds backing candidates of the same party consistently for at least half a decade before they jump in; Or they invest in pushing a policy when they are known to score points (see Gingrich, Newt).
However, while I might not cite The Donald as POTUS material, I think he would be great in the Deaprtment of the Treasury and OMB in the 2013 Palin Administration.  . 
My question, what does The Donald get by playing this game?
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  1. Anonymous9:24 AM PDT

    I respect anyone willing to post a clear opinion, but the truth is major companies and successful developers (i.e. Trump) have vital business interests on both sides of the political aisle. I myself vote largely Republican, but always investigate the candidates and the issues to see what aligns best with my personal beliefs prior to voting. Political contributions serve more than one purpose in our Country, and this time I genuinely believe Mr. Trump is going to run, and in my humble opinion think if he does he will win.


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