Saturday, March 19, 2011

VNN Interview: Shawn Steel

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While the vote was going on between Abrahms and Boyd, VNN interviewed former CRP Chair and RNC National Committeeman, Shawn Steel.

The first question was: How to win Los Angeles in 2012?

Mr. Steel answered by saying, "The formula for winning Los Angeles is 60% Asian, 40% Latino and 55% Caucasians,"  He continued, "When we battle, we [in RPLAC and CAGOP] must use the 40 - 55- 60 rule,"

The second question:  How do different areas stack up to fight in 2012?

"The further they are from Downtown and City Hall [i.e. Antelope Valley and Santa Clarita], the better we do,"  Steel also said, "It is a battle to restore donors to get active locally,"

So, where are the donors? I asked

"After LA lost the aerospace industry during the Clinton Administration, we lost a half million aerospace workers, voters and donors,"  These are the voters who went to the Western States such as Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico.

Fourth Q: What about now?

"We need more messengers in the Latino and Asian communities,"  Shawn paused for a second, and then focused on one of the major forces RPLAC faces:

"A lot of Latinos are NOT Union members, but the Latino Union leadership coalition takes these voters for granted,"

And then I asked for some final words:

"If Los Angeles starts moving into the RIGHT direction, the country will move there too,"

Thank you Shawn Steel! 

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