Wednesday, March 23, 2011

VNN: Sunday Clean Up

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This is the last VNN until the Southland Convention this fall.  (Or if I am doing media work someplace else)
What happened at the General Session on Sunday at the CRP Convention in Sacramento?
I decided to stay among the delegates and not the media during that morning. 
Here is who I sat with, Terry Rathbun:
And the amount of delegates?
1,545 Members;
1,375 Dues Paying members (Yours truly among them);
665 Needed for CRP General session quorum;
469 Proxies;
1,027 Registered and available to vote (again, of which I was one)!
Here was a few pics of the crowd:
There were three major voting issues:
1)  Prop. 14 (resolved before General session):  The Infamous Rules Committee threw out every plan but the Spence Plan.
And this was thrown into a general mix for the Session.
Only three rules committee issues were thrown into the session:
Prop 9) Supporting the CYRF merger.  I voted yes on this and so did 644 other voters (there were 340 against).
One reason why I supported the merger:

How can you say no to these pretty faces?

Prop 12 and 13 was about allowing (or actually not allowing) Proxies and alternates not to show.  Voted down heavily.

And finally, the only contested position for CRP was the Treasurer position which Mike Osbourne won.

Thank you and goodnight!

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