Tuesday, March 08, 2011

If Anyone harms Sarah Palin, Blame Andrew Sullivan

And if Kathy Griffin can attack Palin's kids, then everyone on the Right Blogosphere can attack Malia and Sasha Obama.

And should Andrew Sullivan be singled out?

Because, he lives in his two minute hate against a common American girl who has done good:

and this:

"This counterfactual really does help reveal that for much of the Republican right, Israel simply isn't a foreign country at all. For many Christianists, it is part of a civilizational war of Judeo-Christianity (an obvious oxymoron) against Islam. Not Islamism, Islam. Ever wonder why Sarah Palin, the next GOP nominee, wore a twinned Israeli-American flag lapel for an address to the Tea Party convention? Ever wonder why every rule we normally apply to foreign countries is automatically suspended when it comes to Israel?"

Or you can go to the Daily Dish and search for "Evil Sarah Palin,"

Someone should send Andrew Sullivan the book: All Politics is Local to show him how partisans do their work in America. 

UPDATE 8:53 PM PST: Welcome Instapundit readers!  Subscribe or hit the Tip jar!  I will be both New Media and a delegate at the California Republican party's Spring Convention in Two weeks.  Also, keep an eye on the American Spectator Print Edition in April about "How to win CA back by re-taking Los Angeles," (a theme here in the Valley)
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  1. "Christianists"... you can just feel the hatred oozing out of that one.


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