Wednesday, December 09, 2009

This is for my Sister, Brooke, Cool and smart and the only person I know with a Theme song

I've celebrated my late father, and my Mom in the Valley, now (as the 2009 political season draws to a close) I will celebrate my Sister, Brooke.

When my Dad died, most people outside the family looked towards me, I would always turn towards my sister. It is her Virgo common sense (that she shares with my dad) that has made her smart within the Industry. She understands fashion and culture and uses it for work.

I have heard many tales of Hollywood stars from her, the good and the bad (and no, unless she says so, I will not repeat them here), but she has class.

During the Plague year, she learned about my disease and during Shaking the Disease, she understood what the lack of pills did to my psyche.

I mention my sister has a theme song -- it's true. I will not put it out in this post unless she says yes. But she and my Dad found a song they both loved, and my Mom and I enjoy hearing it too. it fits her to a tee.

My sister will rock any industry she works in. You probably have seen her work as she dresses the extras and the main characters in Marley and me, CSI: Las Vegas and Lie to Me. She is great at what she does because she works the long hours on set (at least 17 hours a day -- are you sure you want to come to Hollywood to be an actor/actress?).

Her knowledge of my industry (politics and policy) was limited until recently. She watches MSNBC and listens to NPR, but the Valley exposes her to the other side. Hey, it's Hollywood.

For getting me through the Plague year and Shaking the Disease of the past two years, I want to say "Thanks," to one of the greatest people I know.

I will promise to do better. Brooke, keep your eye on the First week in January.

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