Thursday, December 17, 2009

For Want of Comity in the Senate, A Revolution began to Pick up Steam

Watch the ugliness by the Senator Al Franken (D-MN), and then watch Senator McCain (R-AZ)uphold the honor of the Senate:

The rules of Governing are different from the Rules of Politicking.

The House of Representatives might be close to the people, but there was a reason the Founders created the Senate.

It was created for two reasons:

1) The Connecticut Compromise (The G-ds of Irony are laughing) to give the smaller states equal power against the larger ones; and

2) President George Washington said the Senate's job was to "cool," the passion of the House of Representatives. Or in modern language, the institution outlasts the Politics of it's time.

And, just like the examples earlier in the Valley, the Left want to rid the US of the Senate too because things don't go their way. Don't believe me? Read this article. It is written by the same person who wants to get rid of the filibuster.

What the Left fails to get (over and over again) is if you engage using Tip O'Neill's rules, comity comes forth, debates are give and take and everyone has a beer afterwords. By failing to take into account Churchill's quote, " Victory, magnanimity," they lose any reason for outreach by the Conservatives or Republicans.

And now, Senator Franken's asshattery.

Elections are next year, and if the Republicans take back the Senate, why shouldn't the same games be played?

Do you folks on the Left know how angry we are at how you treated President Bush and Governor Palin? I guess not.

Do you folks on the Left enjoy mocking us on the Right? I guess so.

What Senator Franken did was open up a new front in an advancing Civil war. We on the Right have put with the Two Minute Hates and Emmanuel Goldsteining of our people.


Democrats, either chastise Senator Franken or prepare for the whirlwind when you lose the Senate. This offer is only good for 24 hours starting from the publishing time of this post.

My question, will no one teach the Democrats how to make Politics a calm place in the Governing side? Or do they not know the consequences?

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  1. Malcot Israel7:09 PM PST

    I don't believe that the democrats have ANY clue as to what they are doing, nor do they wish to have any clue. It would seem to me they think they are top dog and forget who they work for the way they are trying to force legislation onto people who don't want it. I hope we get President Palin soon.


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