Sunday, December 13, 2009

Darkness at Noon, Courtesy of the Left

In college, I was given a chance to read Darkness at Noon about a police state that interrogates one of it's old partisans (which is why being a partisan and a Jew is sometimes dangerous, we are the first ones sent "away,").

Also, back in College I studied American History. Before the Founding fathers sat down to write the Constitution, they wrote the Articles of Confederation. The Confederation nearly broke and after a long, hot summer in Philadelphia, the Constitution plus the Bill of Rights were voted and supported by the populace 222 years ago. Yay!

After 222 years, even with a slight bump called the American Civil War, the Republic survives. However, after Election 2000 Overtime the Left were debating whether the founders should have created The Electoral College. Thus the line of argument (never heard from the last generation of Democrats or Republicans) is "We lost, thus the Constitution is wrong, not our candidates or ideas,"

The Republicans, who lost a debatable election in 1960, never said "Change the Constitution," The same Republicans, who spent 40 years in the Minority in the House and Senate never said "Change the Constitution,"

Yet, the left when stymied always ask to change the Constitution. Or go all Stasi when they don't get their way. Examples:

1) Because President Obama cannot get his way with a veto proof same party majority in the Senate, America is "ungovernable," according to Matthew Yglesias. Instapundit digs deep here. Follow his links.

2) And because Senator Lieberman (I-CT) has doubts about the Health care Bill going through the Senate, Jane Hamsher (the same person who kicked Lieberman out of the party in 2006) wants to have the Susan Korman charity fire Lieberman's wife, Hadassah. Jane Hamsher, a true anti-semite the Stasi would love.

2009 was a Governing year and what did the Democrats accomplish?

Election 2010 is coming and even with a veto proof majority in the Senate, a Democratic party in lockstep in the House and a (formerly) popular President, the agenda did not pass.

It wasn't the Republicans fault here. Liberals and Democrats (who want to purge Blue Dogs Democrats) need only look in the mirror.

The Left never says "We were wrong," about anything. Global warming numbers being massaged? Run to Copenhagen with their private jets! Nixon was moderate? Ford was right to pardon him? No apologies until after they have retired or died. The populace votes against them on a plebiscite? Find a judge to overturn it!

Many times in the Valley, the Democrats have been compared to INGSOC of Orwell's 1984. They need their Emmanuel Goldstein and Two Minute Hates. Between Yglesias and Hamsher, the Police State is coming.

I call the Obama Administration, "The Harold Saxon Presidency," but we on the Right should call today's Left, "The Modern Stasi,"

After all, Hamsher vill vant your papers!

My question, why does the Left distrust the American public and the cyclical nature of politics?

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  1. I think it is amazing to me how stupid they think the American people are. First they pledge transparency but they don't let people read legislation, then they keep arrogantly saying they are going to pass the health care bill even though NO ONE wants it.


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