Saturday, December 05, 2009

Things that are just plain silly

In no particular order:

1) Tiger's woes: Don't care, Don't care, don't care. He plays great Golf and does not insult my people in the Political realm. Living in Los Angeles, it is easy to understand that Hollywood people are "real," people. Surprised? Don't be.

I will only wish him the best, but the lesson is learned for when I find the Right woman to settle down with: Don't cheat. Lesson learned.

2) 2012 -- End of the world? I read books and comics about Dystopias; Since living through New York City's failure, some of us have always seen chaos always at the door. But if the Mayans are right, cancel the Election NOW! (that was sarcasm). The world did not end in the 70's, 80's or 90's. Y2K was a joke. Global warming was a lie by the CRU. The world will not end. Next!

3) Palin Birther Commentary: She's playing a joke! The fact that the Left Blogosphere fell for it shows they lack a sense of humor. Here's a hint: Obama Birther's will go away when Andrew Sullivan's Trig Trutherism goes away. Send Andrew Sullivan home.

Personally, I think President Obama is an Evil Time Lord from the future or one who wants to create the next Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters.

4) This week's Doctor Who -- Following the First Doctor's journey, this is not one of the strongest episodes. Edge of Destruction -- silly.

So laugh and enjoy the weekend. The fundraiser I mentioned is one step closer to reality. That is not silly, but fun. When it's completed, I hope to YOU there.

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  1. Malcot Israel5:37 PM PST

    You can't be serious about the lesson learned idea. You don't have it in you to cheat, and this is of course a high compliment and testament to your moral fiber.

    As for 2012, It can't get here soon enough I have got to get rid of the feeling of dred that I feel whenever I see the president on the news. Which brings me to another point. Why is it such a crisis that those people crashed the party anyway? No one was harmed, the president represents all Americans and seemed very warm with them. If I am ever president I want you to create a system of lottery whereby a few people can come to events at the white house provided they pass the security/background checks of being U.S. citizens and the like.


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