Monday, December 14, 2009

Meet the Candidate #1: Jeff Stone

Supervisor Jeff Stone is running for the California State Senate 36th District, representing Temecula. He is a former pharmacist and Boy Scout who got involved in local politics. Born in Los Angeles, grew up in Irvine and a USC Graduate, he came to Temecula in 1983. Supervisor Stone became active in 1992 working with quality of life issues within Temecula and never looked back.

I had the honor of interviewing Supervisor Stone this past weekend.

1. What brought you into Republican Politics?
Jeff Stone: I became a Republican when I turned 18 because I grew up in a pro-business atmosphere. I do not like paying more or higher taxes because that scares away business' from California. Look at how many business' have moved out of California this decade. Because I made my living as an entrepreneur, this issue is important. I find Entrepreneurs have a home in the Republican Party, that is why I am proud to be a Republican.

2. What issues are important to you?
JS: The first issues that I got involved in was anti-graffiti and urban decay. Graffiti could be seen near the Temecula Pharmacy [JS' business] and I was determined to make my area better. That's how I got my start running for City Council. From there, I was Mayor three times. In 2004, I ran for Riverside County Supervisor. I won, and since I won, I helped in 2006 made sure Riverside County reassessed home values so people could save their homes in the downturn. I believe in making sure that people are able to hang on to their money with little interference from the Government.

3. Why should the Tea Parties support your campaign?
JS: I am a fiscal and social Conservative and I believe that with President Obama is spending more then the country can afford, the Tea Parties are a good way to let the President know the American public is engaged and watching. I have also been a supporter of the Tea Parties in Temecula and San Diego. I would like to ask for their support for 2010.

4. What Motto do you live by?
JS: The Boy Scout Motto, "Be Prepared," It helped me become a public official who has been a local leader for 17 years. I was able to lead the way on defeating Prop1A.

5. Do you want San Diego to host the 2012 Republican National Convention?
JS: I do, because I remember how much publicity and support San Diego had in 1996. Everyone had a great time and I would recommend to the Republican National Committee come back to San Diego. The sun is always shining here.

The Valley endorses Supervisor Jeff Stone for the California State Senate. Please volunteer and/or Donate to his campaign.

Upcoming on Meet the Candidate: Kathleen "Suzy" Evans for California State Assembly (40th AD) and Mark Reed for Congress (CA-27).

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