Saturday, December 19, 2009

Doctor Who -- Peter Cushing Part 2

This is the end of my Birthday week, back to regular Blogging tomorrow. The party is tonight, and yes, I'm going Gothing.

In the meantime, watch the second Doctor Who movie, this one made in 1966. And now, ladies and gentlemen: Peter Cushing as The Doctor! And now, Daleks invading Earth! The Daleks will tie into the political portion of the Valley later this week.

And note, that Bernard Cribbins who plays in the opening scenes of the movie is currently acting in the Doctor Who TV show as Donna Noble's Grandfather. And he is the official companion for "The End of Time," You can never get too far away from the TARDIS.

Enjoy it on this cold evening!

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  1. Malcot Israel7:34 PM PST

    Have a great party. What is up with Health Care Reform actually passing when no one wants it? What kind of arrogance is hitting the Demoncrats that they think they can do whatever they want and the people have to take it? The worst part is I think they might be right because if that gets passed etc. there will be no way to repeal it...government always likes getting its hands in things, but it is much harder to get the government to take its hands off things.


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