Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Party of No, Standing up Again for Senate Propriety

For weeks, the Left Blogosphere has been complaining about "Republican Nihilists," For Democrats and their supporters, history began on 1/20/2009. The Left complains about the Conservative and Republicans saying, "NO," towards every proposal. In fact, every opposition by the Republicans, the Left want to change the rules of the game. Watch this:

What does it mean? It means that the Democrats are changing the Rules, so that, if they ever lose the Senate, the Republicans cannot change the Health Care Bill. Erick Erickson has more here.

So, again, the left is obsequies to Power and not principle.

And the Left has very short memories, when the Republicans asked for support in Iraq (Senator Vandenbergs dictum), the only thing the Democrats offered was "NO," No help; No support and no end of politicking on foreign policy.

The Left was represented by Code Pink and ANSWER and they offered no policy statements except the Neville Chamberlain option. Andrew Sullivan, hypocrite.

For the Senate Democrats, here is a hint: If you have to change the rules to defend what you are doing (see polls of the American Public on Government Run health care here), you're wrong.

The inevitable question: Do you support the Democrats always talking of changing the Rules when things don't go their way?

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  1. It's nothing new -- Democrats get outraged by alleged abuses of power committed by Republicans. When the Democrats are changing rules and trying to bully legislation through, well, that's a whole different thing, seemingly.

    Just look at all the arm twisting and shenanigans that have taken place with relation to the health care debate. How on earth can the same people who whined about that mean ole Bush resort to such tactics and not see the hypocrisy?


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