Sunday, December 20, 2009

What a JSF Birthday Party Is

One more year come and gone, but I enjoy my Birthday week. Hiding in the winter months while everyone is scurrying towards Christmas and Hanukkah Presents, I spend this week thinking about past years and future ones.

On my actual Birthday, I scouted out the Reagan Museum for the (hopefully) upcoming March Fundraiser; That night, the lovely and charming Pam Geller sang "Happy Birthday," to me. I've been smiling since then.

My Birthday post got picked up and linked.

And the week concludes with a party. What is the party about? It is not just about me celebrating another year. Since I have an inner and an outer life, it is always great to have different parts of my life meet and greet each other. Everyone I know is capable of doing something good. It is the idea of putting them together and having everyone learn new things.

Some people know of my political and policy geekiness, some of my Goth, others of my sci-fi geekiness, and of course, my family, but they all represent a committee of the whole.

Next year is my 40th, I hope to have some of my favorite people come, celebrate and network. I hope next year that there are Bloggers, politicians, Californians, New Yorkers, Beltway people, activists, family, Industry people, Goths and sci-fi geeks. They all contribute and they all learn from each other.

So, yeah, Happy Birthday to me. I just got back from Bar Sinister and next year, I will be visiting Malediction too. Hopefully, I will be DC bound or based, with a foot in the San Fernando Valley.

Some people go through their lives waiting for a purpose. My life has a few purposes, it's just finding the funding that's hard.

A new year is coming so is a new adventure (Yes, I loooved reading the Choose your Own Adventure Books). Life is supposed to be interesting.

To finish: I read biographies of successful people. The most prominent usually are able to promote their friends and family before them, and then the cycle returns. I am proud of every friend I have. And I am very proud of my family.

2010 awaits. Let's enjoy the rest of the year with a smile.

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  1. Bob Flenner5:04 AM PST

    Happy Birthday Joe. May you continue on your journey and live long and prosper.

  2. Anonymous12:03 PM PST

    I had a great time last night. Happy Birthday again!



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