Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why Every Google and Wikipedia Board member should know What candidates are on the Tea partiers Lips

I am a geek. A sci-fi and political geek, but a geek nonetheless. But I have a habit of looking at current events and History and looking for patterns. I look for trends. William Gibson wrote about a character in his Bridge Trilogy who searches for Nodal Points. I find it within the nexus of Politics, policy and pop culture.

At the Church of What's happening Now, the economy is in shambles. President Obama was elected because he seemed to be the most pragmatic candidate to fix the economy. However, unemployment has continued to rise, business (especially in California) continue to suffer and banks are still afraid to lend.

With the tax base shrinking due to unemployment and less business', where do Democratic presidents go to get extra funds? Remember the 90's? Clinton used the power of the State to go after Microsoft.

Since the anti-trust case, has anyone outside of Washington State been excited about the Windows upgrades or next feature? Well, with this AG and this economy, I want to recommend a tactic the Google Board (and employees) can use to get through what I call this "Harold Saxon Presidency,"

California has voted for Democrats since the 1970's. If you live in Silicon valley, ask yourself this: How the does the anti-business philosophy of Modern Democrats helped your business today? Have the coffers been opened by Venture capitalists in 2009? Why not?

I would suggest to the Google Board (and employees) get to know the Republican parties (and local Tea Party organizers) in their City and State. Heck, the tea partiers and Fiscal Conservatives (well represented in both areas) want innovation and the Private sector to succeed. Don't believe me? Compare the budget of San Diego with San Francisco. Which city is more friendly to business' and their employees in California?

The whole philosophy of the tea parties is Fiscal Conservatism. When AG Holder goes after Google for anti-trust, expecting a payout to stop the case, do you think President Obama will stop it?

If, in 2011 there is a majority Republican Congress (in both House and Senate), they can write bills that would protect the openness of the Internet. As a fan of the movie Southland Tales, the idea of a USIDENT was cute -- the fact that the Obama Administration wants to make it real is dangerous. With Google's reach into many parts of the 'Net, think about the State control of the free flow of information.

Once you get past leftist rhetoric about the Right, every person in Silicon valley will find Free Speechers and Liberterians have a home here. Yes Social Conservatives get offended sometimes, but most on the Right (including some Social Conservatives) say (and practice) "Live and let live,"

I would hope that Eric Schmidt and Sergey Brin are coming to Burbank to meet with Ron Nehring to discuss ways we can help each other. I hope that Google employees are reaching out to Conservative Blogs and activists -- for their business' to survive and thrive until 2012, you folks need Free marketers on the Right. We want to help.

With Wikipedia, we are dealing with an opposite situation. It has been discovered many times that Wikipedia Editors distort or don't mention Democratic party or allies malfeasance; In fact, any Republican woe is magnified.

If you are not playing straight with the Wiki entries of the Right, no reason why there shouldn't be a Congressional Investigation, right? Hey, keep the Politics out of the Political entries and you will possibly have some future allies. The same State that went after Microsoft (and soon Google) can go after Wikipedia on Copyright issues.

And just like I said to the Google people, reach out. We are willing to help, if you do the same in return. have Jimmy Wales address the problem of say, William Connolly, and funds and support might just flow.

Plus, between Google and Wikipedia, both groups of Board members can Lobby for the Technological Singularity. The future is coming and it does not say "Democrats," To get to William Gibson's Chiba City, speak to the Right.

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