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A Mindless Dalek has More Original Opinions then Kathy Kattenburg -- she is not a Moderate, So Why Does She Write for TMV?

First, what is a Dalek?

"Daleks had little to no individual personality and a strict hierarchy. They were conditioned to obey a superior's orders without question. Ultimately, the most fundamental feature of Dalek culture and psychology was an unquestioned belief in the superiority of the Daleks. Other species were either to be exterminated immediately, or enslaved and then exterminated later once they were no longer necessary. The default directive of a Dalek was to destroy all non-Dalek lifeforms."

Now what is a Kathy Kattenberg?

A Liberal who writes for the website The Moderate Voice, a feminist who despises Former Governor Palin and Blogger cannot handle any opinions other then her own. Heck, she never proposes anything new, she just repeats (in every Blog post she writes): well, if MSNBC and Steve Benan said it's good, then I think it's good. Repeat Ad Nauseum.

In the Democrats = INGSOC analogy, she would be the perfect female lifelike representation of Syme. Whomever is the decided Emmanuel Goldstein of the day, Ms. Kattenberg will post contentedly in her Two Minute Hate. Heck, even Althouse saw Ms. Kattenberg's closed mindedness.

As a partisan and a Blogger, I read and try to understand different views because how can you counter someones ideas if you don't understand them? Ms. Kattenberg doesn't even try. Every Monday, I read The Nation, American Prospect and New Republic along with magazines of the Right because I need to know what ideas are brewing. And why.

I don't mock. I study and try to understand. Ms. Kattenberg is not so enlightened.

The best and easiest example is Foreign Policy. American Foreign Policy falls under three categories, Wilsonianism (Bring Democracy Overseas to help American interests later on), Nixonian (Negotiate with dictators, thus no movement of troops by anyone. Except the dictators can massacre their own people in this belief), and Isolationism (No American support overseas whatsoever. Dictators, again, get a free ride).

Ms. Kattenberg hates, hates, hates Former Vice President Cheney and Former President Bush. Contrary to Leftist opinion, both men supported Wilsonianism. Now, when Ms. Kattenberg cries over lost children living under dictators or failed States, she has only herself to blame. By accepting Obama's Nixonian Foreign Policy, those children will continue to live under a dictators or among civil wars. Keep on living in your Two Minute Hate, Ms. Kattenberg.

When it comes to the idea of feminism, I was raised in New York during the 70's as feminism grew as an idea. When I read Reclusive Leftist (again, getting ideas from people whose views do not match to learn), Dr. Socks always talks of accepting feminists whichever Party they are from; Palin is as good as Hillary! which means whomever wins is good for feminists. In Ms. Kattenberg's world,. only certain people can be feminists. You know, leftist tolerance and all. I wonder what Dr. Socks would say about Ms. Kattenberg. (Note: Conservative fundraisers help Dr. Socks create her Justice Party -- the why is a future post)

And I speak as a Palin 2012 supporter. I pray that Dr. Socks' feminism wins over Ms. Kattenberg's version. Go Palin!

Now, why is Ms. Kattenberg less original then a mindless Dalek? To repeat: When she Blogs, she never writes any original ideas or accepts ideas that contridict her worldview. I've sparred with Jason and Octobia (either writer should be the Left Voice on TMV). Unlike Ms. Kattenberg and the mindless Dalek, they engage and try to understand. I don't expect agreement with the Left, but both Bloggers "get" that people in the world carry other opinions, belive in them and have reasons for posting about them. Ms. Kattenberg does not. To the owners of TMV, hire Jason Buckley or Octobia to fill Ms. Kattenberg shoes.

And check any Blogger on my Blogroll (look Right -->), each one writes original pieces and understands both sides of the Debate. Aren't Moderate writers supposed to do that?

For Ms. Kattenberg, politics is always 1968, or when she was 18. I've seen the cycles of politics and now the Right has started protesting with the Tea parties. Of course, Ms. Kattenberg decries that. How dare someone other then the Left protest?! The word that is on your lips is Hypocrisy. After 8 years of "BusHitler" and death threats to the former President, Ms. Kattenberg is under no condition to define civility. None.

As the mindless Dalek would follow orders, Ms. Kattenberg does the same. In her writings, she seems to think anything any Liberal does is good, and every Conservative is Evil Some Moderate, some civility. At least the Dalek would come up some ideas on how to expand the Dalek Empire; All Ms. Kattenberg does is say, "I believe what this other writer says!"

So, to the owners of TMV: Fire Ms. Kattenberg, instead hire Jason Buckley, Octobia or even Althouse.
To my readers, what makes a good Political Blogger?

And now for your enjoyment; A mindless Daleks, being smarter then Ms. Kattenberg:

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  1. Dear powers that be at TMV,
    If you're reading this, please do not consider me for writing for your blog. I'm not a moderate. I am a cynical, angry, bitter leftist who is officially done with politics because it raises my blood pressure just thinking about it. I think Dick Cheney should be hung by his toes in the middle of the street while children throw rocks at him (however I've come to have a soft spot for Bush who now seems like he was not so much such an evil guy himself as he was the hapless face man for evil). I am hugely disappointed with Obama and the whole lack of anything resembling "change." Every time I hear anything about this health care "reform," I want to blow up the first insurance company building I can find, only after filling it with every last member of the house and senate and whoever made the decision at Fox to cancel Dollhouse (dammit, it's just getting really good and now it's going to be over without even hitting the halfway point of a 5 year arc, you jerkoffs!). I thought that there could never be anything worse than a republican congress until I've seen this so-called democratic congress. With democrats like these, who needs republicans? And while I appreciate JSF's sentiment (well, the sentiment about me at least), just the bits I gleaned by skimming through his post to get to the part about me made me want to drive down to LA to beat his ass! Dude, Palin? Seriously? WTF? Wait, don't answer that. This is why I can't read your blog anymore.

    In a world where Obama is considered a socialist and Fox is considered news, I'm nowhere near the middle of that. There's no debate anymore. It's devolved into a bunch of assholes shouting at each other. It's the worst I've ever seen in my life and I will have no part of it with the exception of the occasional 140 character equivalent of a monkey flinging his poo on Twitter (user name jbuckley if you want to follow)

    And since I've given up on the negative activity of political blogging and directed my creative focus toward the positive activity of playing music, I'm much more happy in my life, despite all the personal curve balls it keeps throwing at me. I went from progressive politics to progressive rock. You can see and hear what that sounds like at I'm the fat guy playing bass with a big old smile on his face.


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