Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shhhh! President Obama is on Vacation -- Don't worry about the Bomber or the Revolution

Every President deserves time off. The job is supposed to go with him or her wherever they go. However, when something unexpected occurs that worries the National psyche, the vacation is off until a situation is handled.

That's the way mature adults handle the position of the Presidency. Not Obama.

The Nigerian who boarded the Northwest Flight from Amsterdam to Detroit nearly blew up the plane, save for the passengers intervention. The Nigerian was affiliated with Al-Queda. What the Left does not understand, just because they want to play Neville Chamberlain and bring every troop home does not mean that this Non-State based, Non-Governmental Organization named Al-Queda will throw up their arms and say "we're done,"

Only dreamers believe that.

Speaking of dreamers, Christmas was the latest outbreak of Iranian protesters wanting Democracy. Do you think the Iranians heard any speeches President Obama gave on freedom? Or have they been watching their neighbor, Iraq set up for next years elections?

And if President Obama did give any speech on the importance of Freedom Christmas week, please shoot me the link. Heh.

And where was Obama? Golfing. But, according to Ambinder of The Atlantic, Golfing was part of a "Strategy," Was the same benefit of the doubt extended to President Bush? NOPE. The Atlantic Jumped the Shark when Andrew Sullivan pursued his Trig Trutherism; Ambinder just proved that he will remain on his knees during a Democratic Administration. Time to start researching advertisers.

President Obama -- no speeches on freedom and doesn't care about Al-Queda.

Just say, "3 more years,"

My question, what should have President Obama done in both situations? Or should he play Golf instead?

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  1. Did you see Obama's speech about this a couple hours ago? I might be a reasonable person but I thought what was the point of his speech. He seems to say things that really mean nothing. Where is Reagan when we need a real leader?


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