Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Say a Prayer

The night my dad died, I got a call saying his heart gave out. Now, the news is Rush Limbaugh is in a Hawaiian Hospital for the same thing.

Those of us who learned from the Old School Politicos knows that other Americans who disagree are not the ENEMY, but our opponents. Yes, there is a difference. Opponents argue, then share a drink afterword; Enemies fight until the death and then afterword. I have yet to see a Liberal say any kind words about their American opponents, but they thrive with America's enemies (like Iran).

Read Dana Losch's twitter. Read it.

Now read this Althouse post.

Rush is a communicator of the Right. It is his job. But those who wish him ill wish the Right to shut up. I say "No,"

Now is the time for President Obama to show his "bi-partisan," bonafides. If he doesn't show up at the hospital or issues no statement, then he lied in 2008. But we on the Right knew that already.

Duran Duran sang it best:

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