Thursday, December 17, 2009

Is E.J. Dionne, Jr. of The Washington Post reading the Valley?

In 2008, I asked if the last President was reading the Valley?

Now, it seems E.J. Dionne, currently with the Washington Post and American Prospect formally with the LA Weekly, consulted with the Valley before his current article. Look:

From E.J:

"His [Bush's] presidency was a tonic for Democrats and led to a blossoming of political creativity on the center-left not seen since the 1930s. No tactic, no program, no leader ever did more to catalyze the party than the rage Bush inspired.

"The whole effort was summarized nicely by the party's slogan in 2006, "A New Direction for America." There was no need to specify north or south, east or west, up or down. Compared with Bush, any alternative destination seemed appealing. And by becoming the apotheosis of the fresh and the new, Barack Obama emerged as the most attractive guide to this unknown promised land."

From the Valley:

"2009 was a Governing year and what did the Democrats accomplish?

*No Cap and Trade Bill;
*No Government Run Health Care(thank G-d!);
*No end of Wilsonianism in Iraq or Afghanistan; and
*Once Governor Palin stepped down after being attacked through funds via DC to Alaska, no one else left to blame.

"Election 2010 is coming and even with a veto proof majority in the Senate, a Democratic party in lockstep in the House and a (formerly) popular President, the agenda did not pass. It wasn't the Republicans fault here.

"Many times in the Valley, the Democrats have been compared to INGSOC of Orwell's 1984. They need their Emmanuel Goldstein and Two Minute Hates. Between Yglesias and Hamsher, the Police State is coming."

E.J., if you read some more in the Valley, you will realize that I hit upon the subject of the Modern Democratic party as a copy of INGSOC many, many, many, many times. It is not a sign of political maturity that the Left needs to follow Orwell to succeed.

Here's a hint for E.J. and the Left: if you want to govern better, give up the ideas of the Two Minute Hate and Emmanuel Goldstein. And if you continue to pursue prosecution of the Last Administration, be aware that the Roman Republic went down the same path. Can you say Sulla and Marius? or Pompey and Caesar? We on the Right will not sit down for it, be ready

My question: Will the Left finally throw off their addiction to Orwell's INGSOC or even when they lose next year, continue to need an American Emmanuel Goldstein?

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