Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Republican Encyclicals: Who Speaks for Us and Why

Karv and Todd,

First, let me thank you both for helping my Mom. There is no better way to thank people then to do it publicly. She really appreciates your help.

Speaking of talking in public, not everyone who says they speak for us, does. How do we separate the wheat from the chaff here? First, Time magazine has done it's once a decade, "Republican Party is Dead," article.

Former Vice President Cheney is a serious man who represents serious issues, when he speaks, like the E.F. Hutton commercials with John Houseman, people listen. He has worked as a staffer (just like you guys) and a Principle. By having the experience of both branches, he talks from knowledge. Not like the current officeholders of the Executive Branch, they believe if they say it, it will happen.

Those of us who are not former Vice President Cheney should understand, we have other rules to live by when it come to speaking for Republicans and Conservatives. What rules? I only have two because two is all I need. And these two rules knocks off Meghan McCain and Andrew Sullivan from representing us, ever again.

The rules will mentioned briefly here (with some more detail in the next two posts):

1) The President George W. Bush Rule: This rule states if you were active in Politics during 2000 - 2008, we on the 3X3 rule (look below) need to see what you wrote about President Bush between 2003- 2007. If you didn't say anything nice about President Bush, you don't get to speak for us. If you switched parties after 2009, we should expect a public apology to President Bush. It also works for Governor Palin too.

2) The 3x3 Rule: If you are a lone Blogger, you do not speak for us. If you have relatives who are big within the Party, that does not count either. 3X3 means, you need three references in three different sides of the party. For instance, I Blog, but I know both of you on the Hill, I know Gary Aminoff who is a local activist, I know Pamela Geller and Donald Douglas who are Bloggers.

More on those rules in the next posts.

And for our Campaign Committees and campaigns, I suggest that instead of hiring people who have grown up within the party, we have Converts speak. Converts are more supportive because they know the choice and the know what the Left will do. People grown up within the Party know only theorretically what the Left is. And as a convert, I speak from experience.

Also, G-d Bless talk radio, because with the press playing hagiographers to president Obama, our voices are heard. Be it Hugh Hewitt, Sean Hannity, or Rush, they understand the rules above.


1) The RNC, NRCC, NRSC, etc. et. al. must have Converts speak for them.

2) Follow the 2 rules:
A) The President Bush Rule
B) The 3x3 Rule.

Thanks again!


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