Monday, May 18, 2009

Republican Encyclicals: Why Andrew Sullivan does not speak for us

Karv and Todd,

Once upon a time I liked reading Andrew Sullivan. But that was during 2001 -2002. Someway, somehow, in 2003 - he started to attack President Bush (thus breaking the President Bush Rule) and endorsed Senator Kerry in 2004. By 2009, he endorsed (and became a supplicant to) President Obama and attacked Governor Palin's family.

Pardon my language here, but how the hell can anyone call Andrew Sullivan Conservative? At least since 2004, he has not been one of us. If we need to promote Gay Republicans, I nominate Bruce and Daniel of the Blog, Gaypatriot.

Since he has been a regular on Chris Matthews' NBC show, the Republican Party legal Department should sue either Sullivan or Matthews for misrepresentation for any funds given since 2004. If Sullivan does not want to pay the monies for misrepresenting himself, then we should get it from Matthews.

Karv and Todd, even when I was young Democratic Politico, I learned not to attack a politicians family (even here in the valley, I will not attack Michelle Obama or her kids). On page 35 of the late Speaker Tip O'Neill's book, All Politics is Local, he wrote:
"Truman said he had no use for Ike. 'But leave his family alone,' the
President [Truman] continued, his voice rising. 'If I ever hear that one of you
attacked the wife or a family remember...I'll personally go into
your district and campaign against you'"

I read Andrew Sullivan's book, The Conservative Soul. Short version: Andrew Sullivan likes the theories of Oakshott, but hates actual Social Conservatives like President Bush.
A few other reasons why Andrew Sullivan should not be looked upon as any part of the party:
1) In the Leadership Institute, Morton Blackwell writes in his Law of the Public Policy Process, rule 31, Don't fully trust anyone until he has stuck with a good cause which he saw was losing. Why is this relevent? In Sullivan's book, he talks of supporting Thatcher and Reagan after the Conservatives in both places worked long and hard to support them. Until Andrew Sullivan supports the Conservatives when it is not "cool," he has no standing to talk for us.
2) Has he ever walked for a Conservative candidate? Has he ever phoned? No, again, no standing.

3) Does he have any Conservative friends in DC or is he a total supplicant to Obama's Administartion? In other words, does he live by the 3x3 rule? If neither, he has no standing.

4) For what he did to Governor Palin's family, he should never be allowed back into the Republican party. Heck, he shouldn't be allowed into polite society for his "Trig Trutherism," When President Obama betrays Sullivan (and he will), our party leaders should let him know we will read his Hollywood stories, but do not speak for Republicans because of his personal attacks on Palin. When we get the majority again, it should be time to send him back to England. he does not understand American politics.

Next in the Encyclicals: Building from the Ground, up.

Until later,

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