Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Tale of Two Speakers

To finish off the balancing theme, let me tell a Tale of Two Speakers -- Speaker Pelosi of California and Speaker Martin of Glasgow.

Speaker Martin (Labour) is set to resign June 21, and a new Speaker for the House of Commons is due to be elected. The House of Commons usually has a rule about the Speakers; Normally if a Labour Speaker went first, a Conservative Speaker goes next, no matter the majority Government. Thank Prime Minister Gordon Brown for that muck up.

In America, the Speaker of the House is supposed to represent the whole House of Representatives. The best Speakers have been Speaker Tip O'Neill (D-MA) and Speaker Hastart (R-IL) because their egos never gave way in the House. Both parties know their history, if a Speaker Cannon should rise up, it is the House majority that must kick him out. Speaker Pelosi is following the footsteps of Speaker Cannon (R-IL).

Speaker Martin of Glasgow did not fall on his sword during the first round of problems with personal expenses, but during the second round. His expense problem led to the whole Parliament being under inquiry. Now, he is forced to leave his job as Speaker and his seat as an MP. And Prime Minister Gordon Brown is under fire for not holding a new election.

What does Speaker Martin have to do with Speaker Pelosi? And what can we on the Right do?

The first round of hits has occurred: For all of Speaker Pelosi's fulminations on "Torture," she also signed off. Hypocrisy, thy name is Pelosi. How many countries has she run off too since she was found out?

There is a whole slew of Corrupted Democrats in the House that can be investigated or threaten to investigate. Speaker Pelosi tied her fate to Rep. Murtha, should we push a little?

On the Right, we do not have to do anything but initiate the probe, get our allies in Local papers and on FOX to follow through on the investigation. We have 12 months, let it bubble slowly. Let Pelosi defend corruption and her stance on "Torture,"

Game, set match. Let's look and see what we have to look forward too:

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