Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Republican Encyclicals: The 3x3 Rule

Karv and Todd,

Todd, I know you come out to Los Angeles and try some In-and-Out Burgers. The great thing about the burgers are that they are fresh and tasty. What is cool is what you can find on the menu. Even cooler, their secret menu. So, a 3x3 is 3 Burgers with three cheeses; In the Encyclicals, a 3x3 is 3 references in 3 separate areas of the party.

By not using the 3x3 rule, we had a Justice Souter who had no Republican friends in DC when he arrived and gravitated to the Left; and out here in California, Governor Schwarzenegger, when he couldn't get his way in 2005, drifted Left and to hell with our activists. The 3x3 rule is to forestall any future Souter's and Schwarzenegger's.

What is the 3x3 Rule? To speak (or do anything) for Republicans and Conservatives, the person must have 3 references in 3 different areas in the party (applies for the over 30's only, under 29, build them up).

What areas? I'll give a list; if an asterisk is there, the person must have one person from here.

1) Washington, DC Republicans (Principle or staff, applies to all) *
1A) Executive Branch Republicans
1B) House of Representatives Republicans *
1C) Senate Republicans *

2) State and Local Activists *
2A) County Activists *
2B) Regional Activists *

3) State Republicans (Executive or Legislative Staff or Principals) *

4) Bloggers *

5) Talk Show Hosts (Regional or national)

6) Article Writers for National Review, Weekly Standard, etc.

7) Republican Lobbyists (State and/or Federal) *

8) Representatives from each branch of the Party *

9) Campaign Committee Staff or Principals (i.e. RNC, NRCC, etc. et. al) *

10) Conservatives or Republicans in Media *

Use this list as a guide of who should speak for us. If you're reading this and feel hungry for In-and-out, let me know and we'll eat and discuss these posts.

Next: Meghan McCain and Andrew Sullivan, why each are voted off the island!

Until later,

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