Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Challenge of Civility to my friend, Jason

Jason, of Obama Action Comics and Washington Interns Gone Bad, twittered about the Valley on May 3. I am proud to consider him a friend. He plays good tunes, he writes with a sense of humor and he is a sci-fi geek like me.

If the British parliament has a Two Line Whip, I'd be proud to add Jason as my equal and opposite (but he is funnier then I will ever be). But he is worried about the direction of the Valley. Why? I am using the rhetoric I once opposed by the Left. Here are examples I am still mad at.

He is worried, but shouldn't be. Here is why, I did a series of posts on Bi-partisanship (1, 2, 3). I used to be a Democrat so I do not think they are "Evil," But I grew up learning from Old Machine Party Democrats who taught me, three things:

Never attack a Politician, his or her family at these places:
1) The Sickbed
2) The Deathbed
3) The water's Edge.

I then did a post saying the past 8 years, the Dean Democrats broke all those rules and proved Rush right. Nothing in the comments contradicted that theory I espoused. Before the Plague year, I was already venturing towards radicalization.

Heck, my first post back, I said I was radicalized.

Let's put together some factors:

Plague year (with assorted Liberal Hollywood Democrats) + 8 Years of making President Bush Emmanuel Goldstein (as part of a list of some others) + No Democrats saying this was bad = Radicalized me.

Jason, I have five questions, hit me back on the WIGB Blog with the answers (I still read both your Blogs, even when I disagree):

1) Do Democrats need an Emmanuel Goldstein? Democrats run everything and you guys are STILL attacking President Bush. WTF? Can you prove me wrong?

2) At the Washington Press Dinner, comedian Wanda Sykes joked about "Rush should die from kidney failure," The press (which we on the Right look upon as suspect anyway) and the President laughed. Why should we attack with class when you guys still hit below the belt (i.e Keith Olbermann)?

3) Was Rush right about Democrats the last 8 years? I never got a yes/no answer here.

4) Why should Republicans not scorch the earth the same way Democrats did? From my standpoint, it helped you win elections (2006 and 2008). If it helped you win elections, how bad is scorching the earth?

5) What's the best way back from the bloody attacks? Start with the press dinner and show me the way.

Keep Blogging, keep playing. I'd like to hear your answers. And always, you have a permanent invite to the Valley. You have proven your opinion counts here.

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