Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Republican Encyclicals: The President Bush Rule

Karv and Todd,

Why the President Bush Rule? Because for Democrats, if something is popular, they believe it is also right. As I said in the original post, we are rebels. President Bush sacrificed his popularity for his belief of "Democracy in the Middle East trumps terrorism,"

If you want to shut up a Liberal or Democrat, ask them what issues will President Obama sacrifice his popularity for? Go on, ask. President Clinton did not stand on any issues (other then his own survival).

I have a saying, give it 15 minutes, a Democrat will change his/her mind; Give President Obama 10 minutes. Another thing, Democrats need an Emmanuel Goldstein, just like in 1984. After 2003, the Democrats laid the groundwork for attacking President Bush. And after Andrew Sullivan, the so-called "Gay Conservative," flipped, so did the rest of the public. The press used Andrew Sullivan to give them cover. It is time we stop giving him cover.

Again, if you want a Democrat to be quiet, ask them why the need an Emmanuel Goldstein? Then give them the list (mentioned in the post). They'll run back to Speaker Pelosi for help.

What is the President Bush Rule (also applied to Governor Palin)?

If you were active in politics between 2003 - 2007 and followed the popular route of attacking Bush, you do not speak for Republicans and Conservatives. Period. The end. The rule extends to Governor Palin 2008 and beyond.

If a Democrat converts to our side and was active from 2003 onward, they must publish a FULL APOLOGY to both. Then give why Bush was right as is Palin. or whomever is the Democrat's Emmanuel Goldstein at that moment.

However, this offer does not extend to Andrew Sullivan. More on that on a later Encyclical post.

Thanks again.


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