Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Speaker and the Spooks

The Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] is not known for it's publicity machine. Like every Intelligence Agency around the world, it deals in the dark. To paraphrase Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, we need them on the wall.

During the Bush Administration, the CIA leaked documents to protect themselves. Acting, instead of defensive agency standing on the wall, it acted like a bureaucracy. And just because they leaked against Bush, did not mean the CIA hated Republicans (Only Democrats HATE Republicans), it only means they had to CYA.

Now, with the "Torture memo," controversy hitting too close to their home, the CIA is now going after the Democrats. I'm just laughing right now. Democrats run everything, and both Speaker Pelosi and President Obama campaigned on "Bi-partisanship," And the "torture memo," brings about Bi-partisanship how?

After 9/11, all the top members of Congress were briefed by the CIA on what was being done to the captured (non-signatories of the Geneva Convention) Al-Queda figures. Since the beginning of the Democrats and their search for a "Truth Commission," Speaker Pelosi is now in the cross-fire. Heh.

In one week, Speaker Pelosi has jumped around the question of her briefings and if she stood up and said they were wrong. A while back, I engaged in a debate with Jason on his Obama Action Comics! Blog. I keep on hearing calls for Bush's neck, but none for Pelosi's. If Speaker Pelosi was the representative of the Left, if torture is so bad, why did she not stop it in 2003? in 2004? in 2005? in 2006? in 2007? in 2008?

Intelligence agents deal in the real. Vice President Cheney does not deal in Bull. President Obama and Speaker Pelosi tried to politicize the water's Edge and tried to pull the CIA's shorts down.

There is a lesson to be learned here. President Obama is not releasing the pictures, Speaker Pelosi is twisting in the wind. What lesson? Do not mess with the CIA and do not politicize the Water's Edge.

Who will win? Speaker Pelosi or the CIA? Why or why not?

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