Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Republican Encyclicals: Who We Are

Karv and Todd,

I get frustrated when I read the News Media ranging from Newsweek and Time, to CNN and MSNBC, etc. et. al. talk about Republicans. The reporters do not try to understand "us," I feel that News reporters (both Print and TV) are not making the time (especially in the Era of Obama) to understand Republicans or Conservatives or our views.

To start off these posts, I want to re-define for any News Media out there, who we in the GOP are. I do not understand why Republicans are thought to be monolithic when the Democrats did a good job kicking out someone in their party who disagreed on Foreign Policy in 2006; Senator Specter left us on his own for personal reasons. It is time to ask: Which party is more tolerant?

Now, onto some navel gazing:

Like the Jews, there are three basic branches of Republicans:

1) Fiscal Conservatives -- Governance is the key to winning these votes. When Speaker Gingrich won, he used his Contract for America to promote fiscal responsibility. Groups such as Americans for Tax Reform [ATR] and Club for Growth are on the front lines.

2) Social Conservatives -- The Liberals Bugbear. They are faith based individuals who believe Government is a tool to help get America to a Utopia. I say, G-d Bless them, for they support my cause (Israel) and they are just nice people. No wonder Liberals don't like them.

3) National Security Republicans (i.e. 9/11 Republicans): They are Americans who believe in American Exceptionalism. Or they came on board after 9/11 and subscribed to President Bush's ideal of Democracy Overseas.

Here is another three branches that we are separated by:

1) Liberal and Moderate Republicans: The former "Rockefeller Republicans," or Country Club Republicans. We have them in our coalition (Republican Main Street Partnership) but there is still a learning curve. Other branches support the GOP when times are hard, the Liberals and Moderates jump to the tune of Democrats. The Encyclicals will discuss this problem later on.

2) Conservative Republicans: Whether Economic, Military or Social, this is the "base" of the Party. They bring the candidates, the funds and the voters. Until the Liberals and Moderates learn this (hint, hint), they cannot tell the party where to go.

3) Libertarian Republicans -- A degree of Grover Norquist's "leave us alone," coalition. They want very limited Government and frown upon Overseas adventures. They are beget from Pat Buchanan's run in 1992 and Rep. Ron Paul's in 2008. Their ideas are good, but they need better (dare I say, calmer) speakers and activists. What the Conservatives understand is you get more voters with honey then vinegar. If the Libertarians learn this, they might expand beyond 10% of the GOP.

Other branches:

Neo-Conservatives: Ooh, are you scared yet? Well, just remember, when a Liberal uses this word, it is a code word for "Jewish Republicans," And they do not mean it in a nice way. But what does it really mean? They are Republicans who were former Democrats who believe in Democracy Overseas. In other words, consistent Democrats (now, that's a rare bird).

Second Amendment supporters -- They support individuals rights to bear arms without the power of the State. Until Democrats learn to love Gun Rights owners, they fall into the GOP camp. G-d Bless 'em for standing up.

And where do I fit among all these groups? I consider myself a simple Conservative Republican with a Libertarian streak. I support Democracy Overseas as away of deterring future troubles (When the Czar's of Russia tightened their grip, Lenin came forth -- always look to History for the answers) and believe in Second Amendment rights, but I am an even more fervent supporter of the First Amendment.

Next time, who the Democrats and Liberal are.

Until later,


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