Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Republican Encyclicals: Who are the Democrats?

Karv and Todd,

I just wrote about who we are, now it is time to write about our opponents. Who are today's Democrats?

Here are some of the breakdowns:

Blue Dog/Conservative Democrats: They err on the side of Fiscal Responsibility and Social Moderation. Most are regional to the South, Western and Border States. When we re-build to a majority party, they will be our allies.

Liberal and Progressive Democrats: They are Anti-war (only if a Republican is President); Anti-capitalist; Anti-police; Anti-tradition and the base of the Democrats. These are the people listening to Pacifica radio (where Anti-Israel views flourish) or Air America (where Hate Speech against Republicans is encouraged).

NPR Democrats: What Orwell would call "the Inner party," They live on the Coasts and are richer then the other Democrats. This is where the line of civilization is. These Democrats still Hate us, but they do it formally, with their friends in the Press.

And then finally, Democrats break down by profession and ethnicity:

The Professions are Unions and Hollywood;

The ethnicity is all the different type of ethic groups in the United States. Whereas, Republicans and Conservatives look upon people as individuals, Democrats have groups. That will work to their demise.

How? Keep reading and following.

Also, before I'm done with the Encyclicals today: let me say, RIP Rep. Jack Kemp

Next: Our battlefields, How victory looks like, and the first step to re-building.


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