Monday, May 18, 2009

The Republican Encyclicals: Meghan Mccain does not speak for us, ask her cousin, Robert Stacy Mccain

Karv and Todd,

Sorry for the delay, real life always intervenes. Now to follow up on the "Who speaks for the GOP," posts.

For research on this post, thank former editor of the Washington Times, (and cousin of Senator John McCain, father of Meghan), Robert Stacy McCain (In Blogger terms, that is a Rule 2).

Remember the 3x3 rule? Just because her father ran for the Presidency in 2008 does not mean she knows what the rest of the GOP thinks. And any Republican who allows MSNBC to pick them as "speaking," for us, does not. Until Keith Olbermann learns how to debate with Conservatives for two years straight, MSNBC should be Non Grata within our side. Thus, Meghan McCain performs her first EPIC FAIL.

As Robert Stacy McCain documents, Meghan McCain always argues for the Left and Moderate Republicans. As I mentioned in the beginning, until the Moderate and Left Wing republicans bring funds and voters, they do not get to set the table, but they do join us. Decision makers? No. Funds and voters first.

Thing is, when Senator Dole ran in 1996, he earned the loyalty of the Republican voters by standing by them when times were hard, not Senator McCain. And if anyone asks why we do not run moderates, look at 2008. We ran Meghan McCain's father, and he lost. Let us remember that.

Until later,


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