Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Republican Encyclicals: Our Battlefields

Karv and Todd,

How are you? Things are moving forward in regards to my move back east to help the GOP and Conservatives. The next two posts are about where we fight and how it looks when we've won. This is all still set-up, but before a great meal is cooked, it is all about the prep.

So far, we have prepped the two sides in the game: The Republicans (us) and the Democrats (them). So, the question remains, where do we fight the Democrats?

The normal answer is in Our Legislatures and during Elections, but given the push from the Left during the last 8 years, we must expand that meaning.

Karv, I know you read comics, but have you read Marvel recently? They wrote a cross-book series called, "Secret Invasion," In it, the shape-shifting Skrulls, the enemy of the Fantastic Four since issue #2 (which I own), decide to attack the Marvel Universe. They were in every comic and every hero (and villain) had to fight the Skrulls to save the Earth. This being comics, infiltration failed and the heroes win the day, but it is an example of what Republicans must do.

I am not talking infiltration but it is time to even make the personal, political. The Left has years on us on this: Classical music concerts for instance.

So, what are our Battlefields? I say, everywhere and everytime.

We should be re-colonizing Hollywood (see, Big Hollywood) [Also look back on the California Encyclicals, Los Angeles, second stanza ], re-taking the American Campus, (what is left) in the Newspaper industry, and the media. The Left already corrupted the space with anti-President Bush screeds, let them eat their words. Oh, and by the way, we are not bound by Senator Vandenberg's line of Politics stops at the Water's Edge. The Democrats broke that rule in 2002.

I would suggest the RNC use the Blogosphere as a battle zone too. I called them for help on a post, and they were unhelpful to say the least. Our Leaders on the Hill and in the campaign Committees must look at social fields and say, we will attack there too.

There are people right now who understand this, let me introduce them:

1) Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs. She uses her Blog to attack the Democrats on every ground, she protests in Times Square, she has a way of getting her voice heard. It is the sign of a true New Yorker that nothing stands in her way of attacking the Democrats. We can learn a lot from her.

2) Gary Aminoff of the San Fernando Valley Republican Club. He started the club a few years ago when no one else would. Mr. Aminoff read the California Encyclicals, so he subscribes to a vision where the GOP is the majority in CA. He inspires his people to protest the Democrats when they oppose the war, he leads us to candidates fighting in the Valley (or the Westside). A calming influence, he leads.

3) Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity. If Andrew Sullivan hates them, then they must be doing something right. They are our communicators. They are willing to anger people, to take the heat when elected officials won't. We must be willing to anger the Left and force their hand. Keep listening and reading to everyone mentioned in this group.

4) Professor Donald Douglas of American Power. His Blog posits the theory that America is a good place and that the Left has no understanding of the dangers we face. He fights as a college professor, he fights as a Blogger. DD, as I call him, can show the rest of us how to fire on the Left without fear (reminds me of another DD -- Daredevil, the man without fear).

5) Bruce and Daniel at GayPatriot. When Andrew Sullivan failed to keep Reagan's vision alive, these gentlemen have done so from their West Coast based blog. It was from here that I learned the quote: It’s easier to be gay among conservatives than it is to be conservative among gays They fight on the social battlefield so the rest of us don't have too. That should not be the case. All of us should. They even started a pro-GOP Republican group when Log Cabin went the Andrew Sulllivan route. Social Conservatives should back them, as they fight for Republicans too.

What do they all have in common? A willingness to engage Democrats and Liberals in battlefields the Campaign Committees (and local GOP) have not thought of. No place is off limits, and when we Conservatives and Republicans learn that, then we get one step closer to winning.

Until later,


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