Sunday, May 31, 2009

Andrew Sullivan, Anti-Semite, Anti-Israel, Anti-Jew

Once upon a time I respected Andrew Sullivan, but that was back when Blogging was new and I didn't need to go into detail about how Andrew Sullivan attacked the Conservative movement because he is lazy.

This weekend on AOL, Andrew Sullivan posted a question that was broadcast Web-wide:

"Do we have a double standard regarding Israel's and Iran's rhetoric?"

Most Conservatives I know support Israel, the original Democracy in the Middle east (followed by Iraq, strange that). Andrew Sullivan, in becoming President Obama's favorite Blogger, posts how Israel does not need to worry about Iran or missiles from Gaza or any nation with a rhetoric for destroying Israel.

The only Blogger I know who is a True Conservative and is also an Israeli supporter (like a majority of Conservatives) is a smart, tough New Yorker by the name of Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs. Yes, I would back her in any fight, as I think she does for every Conservative and Jew. It's the New Yorker in me.

During the 2008 campaign when it was proven that President Obama had anti-Israeli advisers, and Rep. Eric Cantor, a Republican and a Jew brought up the issue, Sullivan attacked Cantor, not Obama (strange, that post linked to Jeffery Goldberg's 8/4/08 article is gone).

Andrew Sullivan supported Charles Freeman who supported Palestinian rights over Israeli sovereignty; And on a personal level, when I was highlighting Anti-Israeli rhetoric mixed in with Anti-Bush Rhetoric at the Daily Kos, Andrew Sullivan did not return any of my 4 emails.

Nowadays, Andrew Sullivan does not hide his disdain for Israel. He claims to be Conservative but does not understand that Conservatives believe in Democracy Overseas for any non-European, Asian or Northern American nation as well. And he calls us "Conservatives," racists! Ha!

Meanwhile, Pamela Geller, a True Conservative (and dare I say, charming as well?) of Atlas Shrugs has shown time and again (and again, and again, etc.) that President Obama is not looking out for the Jew's best interest. And, since Andrew Sullivan is President Obama's favorite Blogger (TM), it's time to call him out.

Every American, Every Jew, Every Israeli should stand up against Anti-semitism in this Administration and within the Blogosphere.

Who still supports Andrew Sullivan, Anti-Jew, Anti-Israeli and Anti-Semite?

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  1. Anonymous9:51 PM PST

    Thank you for your entry. Andrew Sullivan is a systemic liar who packs his arguments with every fallacy in the book. He consistently publishes staged pictures of "suffering Arab children", not to mention his blatantly anti-Israel and anti-Jewish comments. However when all is said and and done, there are two truths:
    1. Sullivan is a homosexual and has AIDS and like all people who are homosexual or have AIDS, with time he is getting crazier and crazier. I would not be surprised if in his last years he will be marching around wearing a swastika around his neck. The man is a pervert. From there is not a far jump to psychopath.
    2. When he dies, he will stand before judgment, and then he will pay for his devious and deviant lies. His time shall come.
    Meanwhile he soils the web with his hateful rants, but in that he is not alone. He can shake hands with his buddies at The Daily KOS, The New York Times and The Huffington Post.

  2. Anon.

    I let your coment through but with some misgivings.

    We can attack Sullivan for his Hateful stances against Jews and Israel, but we shouldn't attack him for his disease or his lifestyle. (I am, at heart, a social Liberterian)

    All I wil say is I pray for him to realize the damage he does to people. All I want from him is to highlight "The Heathlander," on Kos and say: This is wrong. I want his protege to call him on his silence. I want Sullivan to apologize to the Palin family (face to face) for his attacks.

    Until that time, my stance remains.

    Hating is something I don't do well, I leave that to the Andrew Sullivans. My habit is knocking sacred cows of the Left.


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