Sunday, May 31, 2009

Palinaphobia -- Bad for the Country, here is the Cure

Last year, during the final bit of the elections, I suffered from the Plague year, so my voice was silent. When it came to the Election, I voted for the top of the ticket, weakly, but proudly voted for Governor Palin (R-AK). I met Senator McCain (R-AZ) in 1996, and yet, I still did not feel as supportive of McCain as I did of Senator Dole (R-KS).

Why? McCain was just like anyone from Los Angeles, he flaked on Republicans between 2001 - 2008. And the press fell in love with any Republican who went against President Bush! Bias anyone?

So, what made Governor Palin worthy of my vote and so much disdain from the Left and the the Expats?

When I grew up in the 70's in NYC, feminism meant that Women would have the freedom to work, and raise a family, or do both if they wanted. Education would not matter if a woman would make it to the Executive offices. And then in 1991, sexual harassment was a feminist issue and then in 1995 it wasn't. Wonder why?

If you look at Governor Palin's bio, she went to a few different Universities. Eventually, she ran for City Council in Wassila, then mayor. Then Governor against her own party (which had a corrupt Governor) -- she won in the Primary where it counted, and when she started to Govern, reform was her issue.

When she was picked by McCain in 2008, the feminists, the Democrats, the Governing Elite and the Expats living in the US decried her. Again, why?

The American dream is that anybody can rise and be reborn in the United States. So, she went to 5 colleges? The last Democratic President who was not from the Ivies was Lyndon Baines Johnson, last elected in 1964. Ronald Reagan graduated from another non-ivy college, elected in 1980 and again in 1984. So why are Democrats called the "party of the common man," again?

One of the worst attackers of Governor Palin was Andrew Sullivan, President Obama's favorite Blogger. He attacked her family with "Trig Trutherism," He hated Senator Clinton, too. I think the feminists should start asking questions -- oh, but wait, he supports a Democratic President, why should they?

Governor Palin is blunt, does not hides her views and is an independent woman who loves her family. She represents the commoners who don't have Ivies and have a gut sense of what is right and what is wrong. Palinaphobia is a product of the Left's need for an Emmanuel Goldstein.

When will the Left cure itself of this disease? And what are doing to cure Palinaphobia?

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