Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Will "Who lost Pakistan?" replace "Who lost China/Cuba/etc."?

In the Economist magazine, there is an article about how the Taliban are advancing closer to Islamabad. In fact two questions should be asked:

1) Why, after January 20, 2009, do the Taliban feel safe to expand from war from Warizistan and inch closer to the Capitol of Pakistan?

2) With Pakistan falling into the realm of a failed state with Nuclear weapons and devices, will the Democrats in Congress do anything to stop a new failed state from occurring?

During the 1950's, President Truman was hounded out of office for losing China and North Korea (by Democrats!), President Kennedy had problems with the USSR tightening it's grip on the Eastern Bloc with the addition of the Berlin Wall. And President Kennedy was unable to stop Fidel Castro from implementing his rule on Cuba.

My questions are the two above and this one:

3) What will President Obama do to stop the Taliban from entering Islamabad?

or, sarcastically, how's that "smart diplomacy," working out for you?

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  1. Diplomacy is handicapped by the way it is defined by people outside the profession. For example war is seen as undiplomatic, when in fact war is simply put diplomacy by use of military force. I think in the end Who Lost Pakistan will be a book written about how the Muslim world needs to police its own better...and how diplomacy needs more respect. At least that is the take I am getting from my reading.

  2. JSF, there is an interesting article in Foreign Policy that may interest you because it may provide an illumination of an interrelated aspect related to geography. It was authored by Dr. Robert Kaplan and is entitled "The Revenge of Geography."
    I would also recommend Dr. Ricardo Hausmann's 2001 article entitled "Prisoners of Geography."


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