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Best Posts of 2008 and 2009

There is a reason why I'm consolidating the best Posts of 2008 and 2009. The answers are in the Blog posts. Read and Enjoy!

Best Posts of 2008

The Valley in 2008 was small, but there were lively conversation by a series of Bloggers (Two of whom don't Blog politically anymore :{ ). here are some posts from that iteration. The year was abridged, but the answers are found in the best Posts of 2009.

10. Censorship by the Left at the LA Book Festival.
9. If Democrats can't run their own primary, how can they run the country?
8. The Wet Quintet Primaries -- Of all the joint posts last year, this is looked at the most.
7. Jargon from the Valley -- or "What the hell does JSF mean when he writes that?"
6. Bi-partisan ship and the Uruk-hai Cycle (1, 2, 3) -- If Senator Obama only read these posts....
5. How I Switched from being a Liberal Democrat to Conservative Republican (1, 2, 3)
4. What Partisans do -- Clearing up some confusion
3. How to Debate a Republican in Hollywood -- Or Anywhere else.
2. Democrat's hypocrisy over Dictators -- How right I was!
1. Democrats = INGSOC because of their Two Minute Hates of Republican Emmanuel Goldsteins

Best Posts of 2009

I came back to Blogging this year with stories of what happened. Even though the Commentators are few, the links are stronger (Riehl World View and RS McCain [B and WP]). What happened? And the fun of being a Conservative Goth Blogger in opposition. Enjoy these posts!

20. My Mom and my Sister, two great people!
19. Endorsing Governor Palin for 2012
18. Understanding Afghanistan before President Obama.
17. Two stupid Leftists: Frank Rich and Kathy Kattenberg
16. Avery Cates, read him!
15. Republicans and the coming Technological Singularity. And why Google and Wikipedia should support the Tea Partiers, Conservatives and Republicans.
14. The stupidity of Anderson Cooper, Steve Benan and Rachel Maddow (1, 2) Scooby snacks!
13. The coming American Second Civil War unless Democrats and Obama stop the hate!
12. The Plague Year (or what happened in 07 and 08) and Shaking the Disease (or why Government Run Health Care is bad for you). Life and policy running together.
11. Campaigning and two Los Angeles Goth Clubs. Yes, I'm a Poligoth (A political guy and Goth).
10. Why Blog Fights on the Right are stupid! And those who did Flunk Flank. Thank you Mel Brooks!
9. Andrew Sullivan, his America and his hatred of Jews. And his protege supports both. DEPORT ANDREW SULLIVAN!
8. The Left does not support American Democracy when things don't go their way.
7. Stephen Colbert -- Tool.
6. Obama's breaking coalition. Obama losing in 2009 and 2012.
5. Is Obama really Harold Saxon? This is before "The End of Time,"
4. The differences between Politicians, Presidents and Statesmen.
3. The CIA vs. Obama (Instalanche!) and the CIA vs. Pelosi.
2. The First Round of Republican Encyclicals (Cycles 1, 2, 3) -- the cause of the Town hall protests, more in 2010.
1. The List of 35 -- if you aren't working this list, you don't want to win in 2010 and 2012! The List of 25 is coming this week. That is the Advanced Class.

Which posts do you like from each year? What do you hope to see in the Valley this year?

And while you think on that, here is some cool music to enjoy. A song I hear when I'm at the Goth Clubs, "Swamp Thing," by Chameleons UK:

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