Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Bi-partisan Post and a Lesson for Democrats

Since I came back to blogging, I've said we on the Right can do things Lefty Bloggers cannot do. For instance, after I wrote my Bi-partisanship and the Uruk-hai Cycle (1, 2, 3), I made a promise of writing three policies of President Obama I like.

Now, why would an evil troglodyte Conservative Jewish Goth Republican activist write such a post? Keep reading.....

Every election, when I deal with the 60% of the public not involved in politics and policy (the 60% uninvolved 40% involved translates into many industries -- 40% of Angelenos are involved in the Industry; 40% are active Intelligence Agents overseas compared to 60% of US DOD or State department people, etc. et. al -- this is better game then Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon), I give 3 pluses and minuses of both candidates. Why? Because to win someones vote, sometimes you have to be an honest broker.

Again, something no Leftist partisan could do.

And when I deal with someone who hates this country who is not a citizen (yes, I'm talking about Andrew Sullivan), I am able to argue that whomever is President still better then any dictator overseas. This President I think, is very supportive of dictators, so, I pause on that fact.

Here are my three favorite President Obama policies and why (followed by my three favorite President Bush policies). Ready, go!

1. Helping families Save Their Home Act -- It was a band aid to help people whose mortgages went under, but it gave people time to put their life in order as they dealt with their debts.

2. Credit CARD Act -- My belief in Government is simple, some basic rules that everyone follows that puts breaks against big anything, including Government itself. Here is another bi-partisan bill that puts the breaks on Credit card companies while the Economy is (still) in free fall.

3. Appointing Senator Clinton as Secretary of State -- She is knowledgeable of what American Government can and cannot do and occasionally, she makes the right moves. But for some reason, President Obama gives her less free reign then President Bush did with Secretary Condoleezza Rice. Hmmm.....

Now my three favorite President Bush policies:

1. President Bush believed in Wilsonianism as a way to deter terrorism. -- Iraq and Afghanistan led to Georgia and Ukraine. I've always asked liberals (who never have an answer): What is wrong with a new Democracy in the Middle East? One less dictator is a goooood thing. The Left always forgets that.

2. Internet Tax Freedom Act -- No taxes when you buy Amazon stuff or anything else online? Thank President Bush.

3. Pension Protection Act -- Gives people control over their pensions. Freedom over fiscal matters.

There is a lesson here for Democrats (and President Obama if he reads this), what is it?

I love my country whomever is president, whether a Conservative sits in the Oval or not. Throughout 2001 - 2008, every single lefty gave an excuse why not to love this country because they hated President Bush.

Unless people on the Left, like Steve Benan and his commenters, understand why people vote for the Republican in a two party system, they are destined to fail (and President Obama, you cannot keep blaming Bush for your troubles,). The Left had large majorities and still couldn't understand other Americans. The word, is arrogance and it's a word you will hear through many campaigns this year.

Free advice: Learn to love your fellow Americans who are on the Right or lose power for an indefinite length of time. All your base will belong to us on the Right.

Now for my Right leaning readers, send this post to a Liberal Blogger you can't stand and ask them to do the same thing I did, Obama and Bush's presidencies, name three policies.

Bet them. You know they can't do it.

My questions: Can you do the same trick? Do you know any Liberal who can? Send me the link if they do it.

Anyone want to call Thom Hartmann and see if he could do it too?

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  1. JSF,

    I am a staunch fiscal conservative who believes in a very limited government.

    That being said, I think the best quote regarding when one chooses to reach across the aisle or not is as follows:

    "You can compromise on your preferences, but never your principles" was the lesson [Jesse Helms] taught...

    Other than RWR, my political hero in modern times was Jesse Helms. In over 30 years of serving as Senator, Helms never once felt a need to compromise his principles, nor was he ever tainted by any whiff of scandal.

    I didn't always agree with Helms' policies (remember, he was the Senator whose main industry was tobacco growers in eastern NC), but where it counted, Jesse always stood on the side of of the Constitution first, and his constituents, a close second.

    He was proud to be labelled "Senator NO" by the MSM when it came to pushing back on profligate spending, and yet he reached across the ideological aisle to work with Bono on the social cause of eliminating AIDS in Africa.

    And throughout his career, he was a consummate gentleman.

    Too bad that no one in the GOP is principled enough to walk in Jesse's shoes now, or that anyone in the Democrat Party is like a JFK or a Zell Miller who remembered that a Government is best when it gets out of the way of the people and markets.


  2. You actually like the mortgage measures or are you just being nice to the Left?

  3. Wanderlust,

    Thank you for your comment. There is nothing wrong for obstructing for your principles, but in my lifetime, I've seen the Left change policies on a whim, not for some greater purpose.


    It's the latter.

  4. Agreed for the most part. If the Left has any principles at all, it seems to revolve around the Cloward-Priven strategy of deliberately breaking the economy in order to enable a socialist, statist end. But like Clinton, most Dems are political survivalists first, and legislators second.

    In Clinton's case, he didn't actually stop breaking the economy after 1994; rather, he just swept the mess under the rug by starving the DOD and massively downsizing the military (reducing both numbers of boots and weapons). Through that fiscal shell game, Clinton was able to claim "balanced" budgets for a few years.

    Imagine how you'd feel if your partner was in charge of the chequebook for a time, each month proudly demonstrating that the balance was in the black. All well and good, right? But then consider how you'd feel if you later found a stash of unpaid mortgage installments, and discovered that every time something about the house needed repair, your partner merely put some kind of decoration in front of it to hide the problem...?

    Balanced, indeed...


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