Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome back to the 1970's!

President Obama is talking of freezing Government programs. As someone who loves history, I'm pleased to see my childhood being replayed all over again.

In 1970, Congress passed the Economic Stabilization Act which was signed by President Nixon. In 2008, another Democratic Congress passed another Economic Stabilization Act, signed by President Bush.

President Nixon used his power under the Act to create Wage and Price Controls. President Obama, following suit (thus showing the Democrats have no new ideas), wants to impose a freeze on Government spending.


When Senator Obama was running, he was citing himself as a real life Dave Kovic from the movie Dave (played by Kevin Kline). While Senator McCain had a background in bi-partisanship and having some Executive experience (meanwhile all those people who cried for a "Moderate Republican," never endorsed or voted for McCain), lost.

All President Obama has to do is this:

But President Obama (or Vice President Biden) never ran a business!

And on the foreign policy front, with the Democrats decrying Wilsonianism in the last Administration, Freedom Overseas is an afterthought. If you thought 1979 Iran was fun, wait until under President Obama, a European nation goes the same way! (You can follow that story at Atlas Shrugs)

With Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernacke under fire, how soon before Inflation come back? Whip Inflation Now!

All that is missing is a Woodward and Bernstein to investigate the Obama Administration and a good sci-fi movie well written but made cheaply that captures the American public and we will have history. Repeating.

My question: How many other ways are we returning to the 1970's?

And here's a tune to help bring back the era:

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