Sunday, January 17, 2010

Unless Coakley and the MA Dems cheat in the Counting Rooms, Here is why Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) will replace Sen. Kennedy (D-MA)

Now that we are 72 hours away from the vote, let me weigh in on the Massachusetts Senate race. First, donate to Scott Brown. Now is the time to help.

And here are the many reasons why Coakley deserves to lose:

1) The Push

A staffer from the National Democratic Senatorial Committee pushed a reporter from the Weekly Standard down. Coakly did nothing -- that shows how much support she has of Freedom of the press. None.

2. AG Coakley attacks Catholic health care Workers in MA; that's only 39% of the voters in MA.

3. Senatorial Candidate Coakley misspells her home state; And aren't the Right supposed to be the stupid ones?

4. AG Coakley's shoddy prosecution record. Read it and weep.

5. Coakley spending time on vacation and not debating Reed because she refuses to campaign for the seat. The Democrats believe the Senate seat belongs to them, not the people:

6. President Obama campaigns for Coakley and cannot fathom why the Democrats are falling down in 2010. Hint: Since 2006, Democrats run Congress and since 2008, Democrats own both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. You can't continue to blame Bush for anything, yet they still do. The question on voters minds this November: With this high unemployment, who is running things? It ain't the GOP!

7. And finally, Coakley goes after the all important New York Yankee vote at Fenway Park. Someone's been reading Tip O'Neill, and it's not Coakley. Dissing Curt Schilling does not help your campaign.

So, first read RS' trip to MA.
Second, follow Professor Jacobson's Blog diary of the campaign.
Third, send money to Scott Brown to help put the people in the Counting Rooms to make sure their is a clean victory.
And finally, Call or Volunteer.

What happens if Senator Brown wins? Simple, Obama's policies hit a very large speedbump. And unless President Obama actually has proof of his bi-partisanship, he will be a one term President.

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  1. Nathan Zimmermann8:43 PM PST

    Many argue that if Brown wins the election and the seat that it will be detrimental to the Democrats, while signalling the beginning a rejuvenation of the Republican Party. Although, this appears to be true on the surface Brown's win presents with some difficulties since, Senator-elect Brown's real politics follow along the same lines as former Senator Edward Brooke's in the sense that Brown like Brooke before him is percieved as being a maverick with Massachusetts' Republican cricles. If Senator McConnell is looking to Brown to be a yes man who rigidly tows the party line in opposition to the Democrats then the keadershp woll be sorely disappointed.

  2. Nathan Zimmermann10:13 AM PST

    Brown is a fiscal conservative, however, he will disappoint the social conservatives because, he tends to adopt more centrist positions on non-economic matters.


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