Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Senator Brown (R-MA) means for 2010 and 2012

First, let's give kudos to Professor Jacobson, DatechGuy, RS and Pam for following Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) to victory!

Here are the raw numbers: 52% - 47% Brown - Coakley.

Here is Coakley's concession speech (transcript):

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Here is Senator Brown's (R-MA) victory speech (transcript):

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If President Obama was the person advertised in 2008, we on the Right would not be resurging. Instead, we have a President who can't lead, even with his own party in the majority in the Senate. It takes a comedian to say it best:

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Now, what does Senator Brown (R-MA) mean for Election 2010?

Simple, the Tea Partiers were right. Fiscal Conservatism will be ascending as an election theme. Arrogance by the majority in Congress will be the other theme. As I've said many times before, you can't "Blame Bush," when you run everything.

This year, we on the Right should run the boards -- fund candidates from outlaying districts, have Bloggers support them and the ADC's and County Parties continue helping out those Conservatives and tea partiers who win Republican primaries.

For the Democrats in Election 2010, they have the record of the 111th Congress. If people like what bills they passed, well they might have a shot of keeping their seats. But if they ignore the protesters who opposed Government Run health care and Business' that worry about cap and Trade, then comes the whirlwind.

What about Election 2012?

If these three questions are not answered, President Obama becomes Former president Obama on January 20, 2013 (or the equivalent is Obama = Dinkins, my New Yorkers know that):

1) Has the unemployment rate dropped below 5% around the country?
2) Has President Obama kept America and her allies (i.e. Israel, UK, etc. et. al) safe from terrorist attacks?
3) Will President Obama learn that he works for the people not the other way around?

Tonight, I will have a Sam Adams beer and celebrate Senator Brown's victory.

My question: What Federal races should we look forward to this year?

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  1. Nathan Zimmermann10:54 PM PST

    Many argue that Brown's win is detrimental to the Democrats, while signalling the beginning a rejuvenation of the Republican Party. Although, this appears to be true on the surface Brown's win presents with the Republicans with some difficulties since, Senator-elect Brown's real politics follow along the same lines as former Senator Edward Brooke's, in the sense that Brown like Brooke before him is percieved as being a maverick with Massachusetts' Republican cricles. If Senator McConnell is looking to Brown to be a yes man who rigidly tows the party line in opposition to the Democrats then the leadershp will be sorely disappointed.

    Brown's victory will necessitate alterations in the tactics and strategies employed by the majority when interacting with the minority.

    In my mind Brown's victory serves a reaffirmation of the fact that the majority remains incapable of preventing a fillibuster thereby keeping the staus quo as it stood prior to Senator Kennedy's death.

    The next races to watch will be the senatorial contests in Texas and North Dakota


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