Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Busy Week Ahead -- Say a Prayer for Me

When I'm not in cyberspace pontificating, I am an actual partisan in Real Time.

Tomorrow, my fundraising proposal (1.0) will be seen by the most important person I need to show it to. I've already sold the Speaker of the Event [Person speaking will be made known when it gets off the ground] and my mentor Gary Aminoff. The Political Director of the California Republican Party [CRP] is the last person I need to show it to (plus some other work as well). So, say a prayer and wish me luck. I hope he sees the benefits.

Plus I'm helping out my local candidate for Congress as well.

If all goes well, I'll post the news. Hopefully, I'll have an office (albeit small) on Magnolia Boulevard where the CRP is. Mr. Robbins, I am able to do the fundraiser and a few other things too (all can be found in the Valley).

After the decision, a few posts are coming this week:

1) Meet the candidate #2
2) The List of 25: The Advanced Class
3) Some Current Events story to break down or Leftist to laugh at.

Again, say a prayer and wish me luck.

Update 1/6 : the meeting will take place on Monday at 11:00 AM at the State party offices. Back to blogging, but still a busy week.

While you wait, a tune:

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  1. Don't worry my friend I say a prayer for you every day.


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