Sunday, January 10, 2010

Do NOT Support any candidate that Hires Steve Schmidt!

The first law of Politics is Loyalty. Telling tales behind a candidate's (or former candidates back) is anathema unless said candidate has been six feet under for about a decade. Steve Schmidt is not loyal. Period.

Watch and cringe (transcript):

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As mentioned earlier in the Valley (1, 2), when has Anderson Cooper ever tried to understand Conservatives and Republicans? In this piece, he is using a source ready to attack a Republican Candidate.

Cui Bono?

And why doesn't Former Governor Romney stand and defend Former Governor Palin? If he's willing to attack (through proxies) now, what will he do during the primary season? Has he forgotten Reagan's Eleventh commandment?

Here is what our activists should do:

1) Here is Steve Schmidt's office Address.
2) Find out what campaigns he is working on -- then tell each candidate, that unless Schmidt is fired from their campaign, they will not get any funds or votes.
3) Repeat as necessary until Schmidt is residing in Switzerland blocked from helping any campaigns West of the Rhone River.

By neglecting the idea of loyalty (or keeping problems 'In House'), Schmidt should be made Persona Non Grata among Conservative and Republican activists.

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