Friday, January 08, 2010

Of all the Bloggers of Los Angeles, The LA Times picks Charles Johnson?! Whisky Tamgo Foxtrot?!

RS showed me this article by James Rainey highlighting Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs.

Yeah fine, showcase a Blogger who moved Left to Right to Left (and attacking Jewish Bloggers and others along the way).

Hey, James Rainey and Editors of the LA Times, here's a hint, free of charge: There are Left Bloggers in Los Angeles and there are Right Bloggers in Los Angeles. I've had the pleasure of meeting Aaron Proctor and his foothill crew (when he lived in Pasadena), Dan from Gay Patriot and others. Knock on their doors and call them. Their are more honest Bloggers then Chales Johnson. Yours truly, for instance.

Last I checked, the LA Times is not being subscribed to in many parts of the County -- why is that? Could it be that in every Political Article, the LA Times leans Left every time.

There are many great activists on the Right who have never been highlighted, I think of the late Marcia Tookey, Gary Aminoff, Jane Barnett and Matt Robbins. There have been no reporters showing up in the San Fernando Valley interviewing Conservative activists. Again it shows how little the LA Times cares for Two party politics, and the San Fernando valley (It doesn't care for either).

My questions: If you live in Los Angeles, do you trust the LA Times? If you are a Right Blogger in Los Angeles, has the LA Times ever contacted you?

By the way, if you do live in Los Angeles, let the LA Times know of a single Blogger in Burbank who changed the course of State Republican Politics -- That would be the Valley. And yes, the Valley is the source of the Town hall Protests last year. The LA Times is blind to these things.

Let us open their eyes.

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  1. LAT likes CJ because he returned to the fold and alienated a LOT of people along the way. Kinda like why the MSM likes Amnesty John McLame so much, IMHO.


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