Monday, January 25, 2010

Joe Klein and The Democrats are not Tyler Durden, but they HATE The American Public anyway

Today Joe Klein of Time Magazine wrote a Blog post that shows the current thinking of the Left, in politics and in the media. Read:

"So, two thoughts:

1. The Obama Administration has done a terrible job explaining the stimulus package to the American people...especially since there have been very few documented cases of waste so far.

2. This is yet further evidence that Americans are flagrantly ill-informed...and, for those watching Fox News, misinformed.

It is very difficult to have a democracy without citizens. It is impossible to be a citizen if you don't make an effort to understand the most basic activities of your government. It is very difficult to thrive in an increasingly competitive world if you're a nation of dodos."

This was a big hit on Memeorandum today.

Now Joe Klein is not someone I respect or care about. Why? The joke among Right Activists and the Blogosphere is that if any Liberal Politician has an orifice, Joe Klein will immediately make himself at home there.

His attitude is no different from the Democrats in office. With Polls declining for the Left (Congressional and President Obama), what is their first Political move for 2010? Attack Former President Bush.

Let's not forget in 2009, the Democrats ran the House of Representatives, the Senate and they have the White House for another three years. Yet they "Blame Bush," again. Hah!

Joe Klein must be advising the Democratic National Committee (and if anyone has proof, send me the email with the pay stubs).

Here is Tyler Durden, imitating Joe Klein and President Obama (NSFW):

We on the Right love the people. If you haven't been reading Leftist versions of what the Right is, you will understand it. It requires an open mind (what Joe Klein does not own).

This confirmed Anti-semite also went to Private School and looks down on the mass of Americans who didn't.

When Republicans were in the 40 year wilderness on the Hill, I cannot find any activist that called the public "stupid," Heck, William Buckley, Jr. had more faith in random people in the Boston Phone book then the self-important intellectuals at Harvard who look down on the rest of America. Joe Klein does not trust the people.

And for the "intellectuals," of the Left, they think they are smarter than the Founding fathers. There are Democrats who still want to destroy the American Republic by prosecuting Former President Bush. There are Democratic Activists who want to rid the United States of both the filibuster and the Senate. And the left calls the Right dumb?

Again, we on the Right have faith in the voters and the system created by the Founding fathers, what does the Left believe in?

My questions: What does the Left believe in (with proof of actions)? and What is to be done with Joe Klein?

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  1. The operative sentence in this post being:

    "Joe Klein is not someone I respect or care about."

  2. First rule of Pundit Club: Do not talk about Joe Klein. Second rule of Pundit Club: Do. Not. Talk. About. Joe Klein.

  3. OK but here's what Andrew Sullivan says about Joe Klein, see --

  4. " ...they think they are smarter then the Founding Fathers..."

    No offense, and I do agree with you, but when intellectuals see things like this online, it's important that they see you using "than" vs. "then" the right way.

  5. TW,


    And for anyone else reading:

    Something to note: If the Left got the so-called "Intellectuals," the Right got the Car Salesmen (duly affected by the mass closings of GM and Chrysler dealerships last year,)

    2010 is a campaign year, where will these former Car Salesmen go? Hmmmm.....

  6. The Democrats' pollster Mark Penn got $6 million in stimulus cash, saved three jobs with it, and created none.

    Does Joe Klein count that as waste, or is that exactly what the money was for?

  7. What the left believes is that they're smarter than the rest of us, and that things would just be peachy if they were at the top of a benevolent dictatorship.

  8. Murgatroyd11:35 PM PST

    "My questions: What does the Left believe in (with proof of actions)? and What is to be done with Joe Klein?"

    The Left believes in Power, i.e., their right to run the lives of the foolish masses because those on the Left are the Vanguard Party and the rest of us suffer from False Consciousness. They are the anointed, the one ones with the True Vision; the fact that the rest of us are so stupid and/or evil that we cannot recognize the Truth demonstrates the superiority of the Left ... and that superiority is the reason they deserve to rule.

    What is to be done with Joe Klein? Nothing. Isn't being Joe Klein punishment enough?

  9. The left, having abandoned reason and logic long ago, has nothing left but emotion -- raw, unprocessed emotion -- as the only driver of their "thoughts".

    Thus, they spew ridiculous, self-contradictory assertions, such as what Klein has put forth here. If it is true, as Klein claims, that the Obama administration has done a terrible job explaining the stimulus, then the alleged ignorance of the American people on the subject is not THEIR fault, it's Obama's fault. Yet at whom does Klein vent his disgust? At the people. And for whom does he shamelessly apologize? Obama.

    All we are dealing with here is Klein's undisguised hatred of those who disagree with Obama -- that's all he's got, just hatred, without the intellect to construct even a pretense at a rationalization for his hate.

    And that's all the left is these days: hatred and a desire to control, to throttle, to strangle and destroy all those who disagree. They have no actual arguments to offer in support of their positions -- so they resort to nothing but the lamest of smear tactics, ad hominem, name-calling, etc. Hatred-eaten, envy-riddled, mindless little "useful idiots" -- that's today's left.

  10. 1. What denbeste said.

    2. Ignore Klein. He's sitting in his ivory tower spinning Obama's current delima mostly to calm his own nerves. Expect attempts to humor an increasingly angry public, that will eventually backfire.

    3. There is no comparison between Tyler Durden and Joe Klein. Durden, in his own way, wanted to free mankind. Klein wants to control it.

  11. Anonymous7:37 AM PST

    "especially since there have been very few documented cases of waste so far."

    Man, that's some Reality Distortion Field Klein lives in!

  12. What is to be done with Joe Klein is easy: ignore him. Like Andrew Sullivan. Like Time Magazine and the New York Times. The ACORn scandal, the Brown win, the Ellie Light scam, are only a few of the many examples this past year of how the MSM is not dominant any longer and is increasingly irrelevant. New media are providing a significant enough portion of the population with information now, that we can stop railing against the MSM dinosaurs and allow them to go extinct. We merely feed them with legitimacy of we wring our hands over what Klein, or Sullivan, or Rich or whomever said today in their column. No one except a rapidly shrinking choir of true believers pays attention to them any more. Why should we?

  13. Nathan Zimmermann1:04 PM PST

    Given the current state of the Union I would not support a blind single minded adherence to a single school of socio-political thought. Nor would I encourage the populace as whole to ascribe to uni-simensional world espoused by Beck, Limbaugh, Sullivan, Klein and Durden


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